A shoulder workout at gym is for everyone. Whether you want just good looks or you want to prevent training-related injuries, a shoulder gym workout is going to benefit you no matter what your ultimate goal is. And the best part - there are a ton of exercises that you can add to your shoulder workout. 
When you add various shoulder exercises to your workout, you increase your chances of sticking to it. After all, repeating the same exercise every day can make you bored and push you to leave the gym altogether. To ensure that does not happen, we have curated a list of the best shoulder exercises in gym for beginners. 

Target Muscles Of Shoulder Workout At Gym

Gym exercises for shoulders offer different results. Some exercises help in broadening your shoulders, others help you in increasing your strength. What exercises you need to add to your shoulder workout at gym depends on your goals. However, before setting the goals, you must also know about the different types of muscles present around your shoulder. 

Here is a list of some major groups of muscles that are targeted by the best shoulder exercises at gym:

  • Trapezius: It connects your shoulders and supports the neck.¬†
  • Deltoid Muscles: This includes three types of muscles: anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, and posterior deltoid.¬†
  • Pectoralis Major: Also known as pecs, these muscles cover your chest. These muscles are also responsible for connecting the chest and shoulders.¬†
  • Rhomboid Major: It is a back muscle that joins the spine and shoulder blades.¬†
  • Serratus Anterior: These muscles are present under your armpit, at the side of your chest.¬†
  • Rotator Cuff: These muscles are responsible for articulation between the shoulders and the arms.¬†

List of Exercises For The Best Shoulder Workout In Gym

Be it a women shoulder workout or men shoulder workouts, the best exercises for you aren’t too difficult. And the techniques to get the most out of these exercises are also the same. For example, the optimum number of sets of shoulder exercises at gym is between six to ten. If you want to build muscle mass around the shoulders, you have to increase the weight and reps gradually. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the nine best shoulder exercises at gym:


Probably the most famous exercise of any shoulder workout at gym is the push-ups. This exercise is so famous because it helps in building muscles of your shoulder along with increasing the strength. And you do not even need any special equipment to perform the exercise. All you need to do push-ups is just a little space in your room and the will to put in some effort. 

Incline Bench Press

Also known as incline dumbbell press, this exercise is a must-to-add in every shoulder workout at gym. The exercise targets your upper portion of the chest instead of focusing on your entire pectoral muscle group. If you practice this exercise by adding it to your workout at home, you will also increase the strength of your chest’s connection to your shoulders. 

Lateral Raise

If you are doing a shoulder workout at the gym instead of your home, you have the benefit of using special equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, and cable machines. And lateral raise is one such exercise that is going to require special equipment. 
This exercise assists you in strengthening your deltoid muscle and improving the mobility of your shoulders. You can also do front lateral raises exercise along with lateral raises to strengthen your anterior deltoids too. In case you don’t have dumbbells or a resistance band, you can also use books and other similar objects to use as weights. 

Prone T

Along with increasing your muscular strength of shoulders and broadening them, you also need to improve the stability of the shoulders. And Prone T exercise is perfect to improve shoulders’ stability. You can also try its variation exercises such as Prone Y or Prone V.

Overhead Press

Be it a women shoulder workout or men shoulder workouts, gym trainers love to suggest this exercise to people since it offers two benefits: strength and muscle mass. Once you feel accustomed to doing this exercise, you can increase your weight. In case you are wondering about the muscles targeted by this famous, it works on your deltoids, pectorals, triceps, and trapezius.

Dumbbell Shoulder Push Press

The exercise is quite efficient in engaging your trapezius and deltoid muscles. Along with that, it also targets your core muscles, quads, and glutes. If you are new to shoulder exercises, you can add this to your workout since it is quite easy to practice. 

Standing Cable Pulley Fly

The best shoulder workout in gym that also targets chest muscles almost always includes standing cable pulley fly. The exercise can hit your deltoid muscles and the muscles of your chest. If you get bored of repeating standing cable pulley fly, you can also try its variation called the reverse cable fly.

Crab Walk

Crab walk is definitely one of the most versatile shoulder exercises in gym for beginners. Along with the muscles of your shoulders, this exercise can strengthen your core muscles, arm muscles, and leg muscles. Although the exercise needs more time and effort to master than most other exercises in this list, it is worth doing the exercise since it hits a variety of muscle groups. 

Straight Arm Circles

When you are feeling a little lazy, straight arm circles is the perfect exercise to do. It will help you stretch out between your shoulder workouts. Since this exercise does not require you to lift weights but only stretch your muscles, you can also add this exercise to your workout as weight loss exercise.

Shoulder Gym Workout - The Conclusion

The options of shoulder exercises at gym are plenty. From low-impact exercises to high-intensity exercises, you can add any type of exercise to your shoulder workout. Just make sure that you are maintaining the body alignment, taking precautions, and getting the right technique while doing gym exercises for shoulders. 

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