Shoulder Workout

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Side Lateral Raise Meaning: How to do it, Benefits, Technique, Variations

Lateral Raise is a shoulder training dumbbell exercise that promotes muscle growth. Learn how to do it with proper form & try its variations and techniques for different fitness levels.

Front Press Meaning: How to do it, Benefits, Variations, Safety Tips

A front press is a callisthenic exercise that targets your shoulders. Learn proper front press form with step by step instructions with its variations & benefits.

The Best Shoulder Exercises to Do at a Gym

Shoulder workout at the gym offers different results. Some help broaden your shoulders, others help you increase your strength. Here's a list of the best shoulder exercises to do for beginners.

5 Best Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises You Can Do at Home

Want to develop your shoulders? Try these 5 easy home dumbbell workouts for shoulders that will help you improve your flexibility & strength. Read blogs today!

How to Fix Rounded Shoulders - 3 Best Exercises

Have you noticed that your upper body moves forward from the ideal body alignment, then you likely have rounded shoulders? Learn about the exercises that help you correct rounded shoulders.