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Hope in the time of COVID-19

Is hope possible in the midst of a collective disaster? And if it is, is it insensitive? It can seem like a foolish luxury in these uncertain times -- but the truth is, it’s hope that will give us the strength to persevere. Read on for more.
Healthy Mind

Find your calm in the storm with mindfulness

These are scary times, and there’s bound to be feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. That’s why it’s important to slow down, relax and focus on the present moment with mindfulness. Read on for how to get started!
Healthy Mind

Burnout: Spotting the signs and seeking help

The pandemic and the resultant work-from-home situation has led to blurred personal and professional boundaries. As a result, burnout -- emotional and physical exhaustion due prolonged stress -- has become more common. Shama Shah, Cluster Format Head - Therapy @ sheds light on its signs and gives tips to deal with the same.
Healthy Mind

Escape The Maze Of Overthinking

Overthinking is like being trapped in an endless cycle with no escape. Here are ways to identify its signs and tips on how to deal with the same.
Healthy Mind

The journey from self-criticism to compassion

Are you often harsh on yourself even for the smallest misstep? Afraid of trying new things for fear of failing? Then perhaps you’re letting your inner self critic take over. Read on to see how you can manage these feelings in a healthy way.