Meet Sitara Subramani, our rockstar super-user!

At Cult, we celebrate and applaud our super-users -- users who've shown the ultimate dedication and passion towards developing the right fitness habits. And we want to take a moment to get to know one such super-user up close -- Sitara Subramani.
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We are

Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.”For us, this change came in the form of a simple name swap. Over the last 5+ years, we've redefined fitness & made it fun for everyone and will now be operating under a new name, ‘’.
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Customer Experience from a Lens

Deeply rooted in the DNA of, this 6 point framework helps us keep customers at the center of everything we do
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Fit@98 : Making Healthy Eating More Accessible

Moving to a new city can be tough, sometimes even exasperating — the thrill of a new job comes with the unpredictability of a new place and the pressure to make new friends
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From Innovate to Plate: The Journey of Your Meal

A lot goes into making a balanced, healthy, & yummy mealEver wonder how we decide on our menu? Who makes that decision? How many hands and heads are responsible for creating perfect dishes?
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The Birth of a Fitness Revolution — Our Journey to 200 Fitness Centers

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” — Lao Tzu
Healthy Eating

#TheBig5 of’s Food Philosophy

Healthy food that’s tasty too, and makes it easy for you to #BeBetterEveryday — we’ve stood by this motto, loud and proud. And now, we’re taking you on a journey that helps you understand how we do what we do.
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Curefit Logo - How Curefit Logo is Made With Connection to The Da Vinci Classic

If you are even slightly attuned to art and history, there’s a very high chance that you would have come across the Vitruvian Man. And if the name doesn’t sound familiar, this image will do the trick.