The end of the year is the time to reflect on the year that went by and assess the choices we made and the consequences of it. While there may be plenty to look back on, a fitness look back is something we wanted to take off of your agenda. So we went ahead and created a lookback for our members.

But let’s be honest, numerical data can be perceived as boring and complicated to understand. But breaking it down both qualitatively and in a way that people are able to understand it puts a different perspective to it.

So that’s what we tried to do for all our cult members too. Fitness is a big part of a person’s life, as it should be. From Personal Records to calories, people in India have become growingly more interested in fitness. And showing people their achievements in an interesting and fun way, created an intriguing project for us too.

After rummaging through a dozen different ideas, both conceptually and visually, we landed on a concept that we collectively felt would be a great way to present it to our members -  ‘The Fitness Museum 2022’

The Why.
The aim of the project was to showcase the different data points about a member’s fitness journey in a unique and rewarding way. But obviously, with a cult twist to it.

The Fitness Museum was the perfect bread to our butter because a museum is known to showcase great things. Things that will go down in history and things that leave people in awe.
So now, we had the data. We had the medium to make our members feel great. All that was left to do was bring all their stunning stats to life through a unique display of artefacts.

The How.
This year's campaign was extremely user centric. We focused on the unique attributes and learnings we had from each user cohort. The design was purely inspired from the 90’s pop art. We created art from everyday objects that a user can relate to on their journey of fitness. We had a very vibrant looking primary colour palette along with our brand tones, and a dash of gold and nudes. Normally, museums give an impression of something boring and too informative. But our thought process was different. Imagine a coffee table conversation with Andy Warhol, Jessica Walsh, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring. And then add a little bit of sass, rugged fitness antics, pop culture and viola! We had our very own fitness museum. A modern museum filled with wit.

Depending on our users’ fitness interest, their museums consisted of all kinds of artefacts. From John Pa-cena’s belt to Gulshan Grover boxing gloves. From Popeye’s spinach can to a pile of ash. The display had variety, humour, and quirk.

Now getting to how we actually did it. We correlated each data point into a metaphor, and each metaphor into an artefact.

For example, to represent calories we used the metaphor of ashes.

Why? Because a simple act of burning something turns the piece into ash. And in this instance, burning the calories meant all of that darned calories turning into ashes. 

And for the number of classes someone did, we used a worn out shoe to represent just how much time someone spent working out.

We selected data points based on what they meant to the member and aimed to achieve a perfect mix between the fun ones and the genuinely meaningful ones.

And now, the cult twist. 
Our museum was full of puns, word-play, vibrant colours, and of course, unique artefacts itself. 

If you had to think of a whack museum, it would definitely be ours.
At times, it got a little too whacky.
Let’s just say they were added to the reject pile. :)

The Outcome.
While our main aim for our Fitness Museum was to make our members feel good, it was also to give them motivation. Motivation to keep going, to strive to get better at fitness, aim bigger, and obviously, keep working out.
For this, we created a pledge section so people could commit to fitness, and set fitness goals for themselves. More than 53,000 users took it!

Then came shareability. We obviously didn’t want to be the only ones showcasing our members’ achievements. We wanted them to as well.  Needless to say, they did. 

A lot of them.

And that’s when we knew we'd built a community of our own.
A community that’s proud, hard working, and consistent. Frankly, just awesome. 

December 29, 2022
Behind the Scenes

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