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Start ‘em young: Why fitness should be part of your child’s life

Fitness isn’t just for adults! Encouraging safe levels of activity for your child can have lifelong benefits. There’s just a few things to keep in mind. Read on for all you need to know.

Beat hangover with these 6 easy exercises

The war against hangovers is not only challenging to win but can hamper your entire day's peace and health. How to get rid of these irritating yet intense hangover symptoms? Experts say that exercising is an effective remedy for hangovers. In addition, many swear by "sweating it out" to get rid of hangovers.

Toning, flexibility, and strength⁠— can Yoga do it all?

Thinking of getting in shape? Here’s how Yoga can help you focus on toning, flexibility, and strength!

Get Everyday Fit With These 7 Power-packed Moves

Poor fitness levels impact almost every aspect of our lives - and that’s where functional or ‘everyday’ fitness training comes in. It’ll have you ready to face every day with confidence, and ace that bike ride, the Sunday morning run, and those weekend hikes!

Boxing Hand Wraps - What, Why & How

Boxing, as exciting and power packed it is - also needs to be practiced safely. While most of us are aware of the use of boxing gloves, boxing hand wraps are often overlooked. Read on to understand the what, why and how of boxing hand wraps.