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More workouts, less hassle: Making gyms member-friendly

Early this year, our team at set out on a journey to solve problems that most first-time gym-goers face. Read on to know more.

Digital prescriptions in the time of COVID-19: A case study

Along with our marquee brand, has long been an integral part of our long-term vision. A strong focus on clinic design ensuring zero wait time and stellar customer experience lead to’s consistent high ratings in offline experiences before COVID-19 hit.

The Digital Fitness Revolution: Can Fitness Apps Replace Gyms?

Ankit Gupta from our Engineering team discusses the technology behind customised digital fitness -- from how fitness apps are personalised for users to whether they can replace actual gyms or not. Read on.

Solving Test Environment Conflicts Using Virtual Clusters

Testing microservices is hard. The inherently distributed nature introduces dependencies on downstream services...