Whenever we think about our health goals, we know eating right and staying active can make us fitter and help us lose significant weight. Where do we get stuck then?

What’s the problem?

Studies show that 90% of the people trying to lose weight or achieve a certain health goal either drop off or relapse soon after they have achieved it.

How are we solving?

Cult Transform helps you lose weight or stay fit, and build healthy habits in your daily lives for a lifetime. When you purchase a Cult Transform membership, we connect you with a personal habit coach who can help identify problem areas, introduce new and simple changes to your lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

We believe that getting fitter or losing weight shouldn’t be a mental or physical burden on anyone. Many people normalize pain and discomfort in order to achieve a drastic health change. But we want to help everyone get fit at a pace that works for them by bringing tiny changes to their daily routine.

The simple principles we follow in our Cult Transform coaching:

#1 Teach a person to fish instead of just giving them fish

No ready-made meal plans or strict calorie counting. We’ll help you with exactly how to build your meals, allocate your macros, and even share guides with you on the right kind of macro and ingredient sources.

#2 Focus on health, everything else takes care of itself

If we can get you to build healthy habits that you enjoy, that’s what would be the biggest win for us. Our focus in the first few weeks is to just start small and help you get a foothold.

#3 No sellotape solutions

No crash diets, no starving yourself just to achieve some fictional milestone, no overworking your muscles without giving your body the time it needs to rest and recover.

#4 No judgement

We will absolutely share no judgement on your life choices. We are a safe space. All of us have our own trials and struggles, and we think perfection is a myth.

#5 Best of both worlds

We use technology and human habit coaches to help you achieve certain fitness goals in a sustainable and simple manner.

Want to see how we apply each of these principles with Cult Transform? Here’s a sneak peek.

Here’s what a user goes through in their transformation journey

Week 1: Discovery

Week 1 is more about discovery. We found out that many people don’t really know where they currently stand, and what aspects of their lifestyle they need to make small changes to.

Step 1. Connect with habit coach

After the customer makes the purchase, we connect them to their Personal Habit Coach. The customer is free to reach out to the coach via chat, or schedule a call with them.

Step 2. Understand the customer

In the first few days, the primary focus is to understand each customer’s lifestyle and preferences deeply. This is done primarily via the app, before their first call with the Coach.

We use an Onboarding Form, and a proprietary Lifestyle test the customer can take to understand where they currently stand, and what are improvement opportunities for them. All of these inputs are passed on to the coach, who starts doing their homework about the customer well before the first call even happens.

Step 3. Educate and Act

Our Habit Coaches are specially trained to help the customer on their fitness journey and help them with all aspects of basic well-being (Movement, Nutrition, Sleep habits, Stress management), and keep them accountable.

The habit coach and customer also connect via an initial call to better understand their goals and preferences and help them come up with some daily actions to work on.

The coach also helps the user identify exactly when these actions can be performed by the user each day. These actions will help the customer develop certain healthy habits in areas of sleep, stress, nutrition and movement.

Week 2, week 3, week 4…5…6 and every other week: Troubleshoot and Iterate

By now, the customer will have started working on the daily habits that were decided in the preliminary call.

Step 1. Track habits

The habit coach can see the actions the user takes on the app, and hence will know if the user is able to keep up the habit or is struggling.

Step 2. Experiment and Iterate

If the user is able to keep up the habit easily, the coach and user can connect in a couple of weeks and decide to scale up whatever the user is working on, or add a new habit to the mix.

If the user is struggling with keeping up with the habit (which is completely normal when you’re starting off), the coach and user can experiment with other things the user can work on, or other times during the day that the user might feel better suited to perform that action.

Step 3. Communicate

The user can reach out to the coach via WhatsApp anytime, to scale up their daily actions or get answers to any questions they might have. The coach monitors the user’s activity and checks in with them via chat.

Customer Management Tool for Coaches

  1. All user fitness activity on the app is visible to the coach. This gives the coach a good view of how a customer is faring on any given day
  2. We also provide automated insights to a coach about each of their customers, which better equips them to keep in touch with, and manage their customers
  3. Apart from insights, if our insights engine thinks there are specific actions a coach needs to take for a customer, we actually recommend this action to the coach in the form of a ‘task’

Other product features to make your journey more seamless:

  1. Integrating with WhatsApp for seamless communication between coach and customer
  2. Using really strong visual design principles to make our philosophy and product offering clear in the pre-purchase and post-purchase flows
  3. Generating personalized insights for each customer with a combination of AI and Human Intelligence. These insights start being made available to the customer at different stages in their customer journey.
  4. Making 100+ customer calls, conducting deep user and market research before launch helped deepen our conviction about our decisions. 
  5. Introduction of Easter eggs  (delightful experiences) and games in the customer journey

We have  a lot of exciting features and tech solutions in the pipeline! Stay tuned for more.

Interested in trying out Cult Transform? Learn more about it here.

Meet some of the team:

Engineering: Amandeep Singh, Aman Jagga, Arihant Rawat, Digvijay Singh, Fraz Mohd., Prateek Saini, Tarun Garg, Vishwanath Patil
Design: Aditya Vora, Shreeya Malpani, Tarun Bhandari, Yash Tambe
Product: Kavya Joseph, Santhosh Kumar

There are many more people involved in the conception and building of this product that we will introduce in later sessions.

Credits: Kavya Joseph, Product

Jan 7, 2022

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