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Behind the Scenes — Bringing Cult Into Your Home

As a company, our goal has always been to make health easy for our customers. And when the pandemic hit, we were even more determined to keep that promise, because we knew that it would be an integral part of their lives.
Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of

There’s something special about going to the gym or any fitness center. It builds a sense of community, uniting people in their fitness goals. At, we know that nothing gets your blood pumping like a good workout, and
Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes Of Building The Safest Gym

COVID-19 resulted in a nation-wide lockdown in the second week of March, and subsequently led to gyms being mandated to remain closed. We didn't know when we'd be allowed to re-open but what we did know for sure is that we would not be able to operate the way we did pre-pandemic.
Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of an delivery was created with one simple promise — provide healthy, tasty and fresh food to you when you need it. We want to do all of this while also ensuring that you have a great experience — right from the menu you see on the app to receiving the food hot, in the fastest time possible.
Behind the Scenes

The Making of a Cult Trainer

At Cult, we believe that it’s as much the trainers as it is the people who work out who make the place as fun as it is. And so, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on some of our trainers, their stories, and give you a little more insight into what makes them tick.