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Summer-proof Your Skin!

Gearing up for warmer days? Make sure your skin gets some tender, loving care too! And if you’re wondering how to get started, Cosmeto-Dermatologist Dr. Sravya Chowdary Tipirneni is here to help!

Spot On: Decoding the Hype in Hyperpigmentation

Read on as Cosmetic-Dermatologist, Dr. Sravya Tipirneni explains the different types of hyperpigmentation, why it isn’t just a cosmetic issue and why it doesn’t have a “one-tube-fits-all” solution.

Workout Uninterrupted: Busting Myths On Exercising During Your Periods

Working out during periods still has so much misinformation around it. Our expert, Dr. Vinutha Sasalatti, Consultant OB/GYN, is here to clear the air around it. Let’s dive in!

Exercise and PCOS — Everything you need to know

The internet is choc-a-bloc with information on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), hormonal imbalances, and ways in which exercise can impact the same. The problem, however, is that it’s hard to know which information you can trust.

Yoga For A Painfree Period

Menstruation can be really difficult for most women as they go through physical discomfort and pain. It can also feel emotionally overwhelming. Yoga expert, Divya Rolla recommends a yoga practise that will help with pain relief and leave you feeling energised & rested.