As consumers we often get confused about what are the best products for us because of the varied availability of options in the market. How to brush your teeth and which is the right toothbrush has not ever really been a conversation in an Indian household. Traditionally most of us have been using toothbrushes that have a plastic or wooden body with nylon or bamboo viscose bristles on the top.

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But today, due to the advancements in technology you can choose to opt for an electric toothbrush that comes with a lot many features but choosing the right one can be challenging so consider the following as you make this upgrade :

Say Hello to Sonic Technology

While using the electronic toothbrush it is important that you have a seamless experience. The key feature you should look for is, if the toothbrush comes with sonic technology; which gives about 30000 strokes/min. This sonic technology is aimed to provide you with maximum plaque removal and promote healthier white teeth. Sonic waves also stimulate the salivary glands which increase saliva flow and aid with tooth cleaning. So instead of choosing an ultrasonic toothbrush or one with oscillatory movements; pick the one with sonic technology.

Mind the Head

While we have options in the manual brush to choose the kind of brush head we prefer, even in the electric brushes there are a few options available. Choosing the right brush head becomes important as it would be a more comforting experience. The electric toothbrushes come with varying bristles and based on individual sensitivity you can choose from a power tip, a soft floss & spiral tip and a soft bristled brush.

The second specification you could look for would be the size of the brush head - these vary from age, there could be different sizes available for adults and children. In short, you get a variety of bristle options to explore if you are someone who has sensitive gums. 

Hang On for a minute, or two?

From the very beginning we’ve been taught to brush our teeth twice a day, after you wake up and before you go to bed. Be sure to choose an electric toothbrush that has an in-built timer. These are timers that are set to 2 minutes, the recommended brushing time. This helps you in keeping a check if you are brushing your teeth for the required time or less.  

Dual Cleaning Mode

This is not an absolute necessity, but good to have. Electric toothbrushes with dual modes usually have these two modes - daily clean and gentle clean.
Daily clean gives 30,000 strokes/min and gentle clean has 20,000 strokes/min which means you can switch between modes as per your need. If you feel and your dentist agrees that your gums are weak or injured, you can use the gentle clean mode.

Tongue & Cheek Cleaner

To complete your oral health routine, it is important that you clean your tongue and cheeks. While most of us might just brush our teeth and get it done with, it’s important to know that our tongue contains a lot of germs and might be the common cause of bad breath, if not cleaned regularly. So, look for an electric toothbrush that is equipped with a tongue and cheek cleaners that help you clean both gently.

Time to Go Mobile

A toothbrush is the first thing that comes to most of our minds when we pack our bags for those adventurous getaways. Choosing the one that you can take with you while you travel is equally important, A few toothbrushes are available with storage cases and it becomes easier to carry them while traveling. If you pick up one with a charger rather than the batteries, even better so you don’t have to worry about running short on batteries while you are traveling.

Summing Up

Now that you know what all you should look for in an electric toothbrush, go get your hands on these and enjoy a hygienic mouth. We also suggest checking out these variants from Colgate that’ll definitely help you achieve an all round oral protection. Moreover, remember that upgrading to an electric toothbrush might seem unnecessary due to the price attached with it but this will be a game changer in your oral health care regime and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

May 10, 2022

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