Behind the Scenes

Ringing in a Competitive Boxing Revolution: A Cult initiative

Cult is on a mission to promote competitive boxing in India⁠— and we just took the first step towards this goal! Read all about it in our blog.

Pack a Punch: Fitness Boxing for Toned Arms

We use our arms for pretty much everything and pretty much all the time. And for boxers, strong arms and shoulders are an asset. In this blog, we focus on how’s Fitness Boxing can help you work those muscles and get strong toned arms.

Calling All Women - Here’s Why Fitness Boxing Is For You!

Boxing has long been termed a ‘men’s sport’, misconstrued as one that’s meant to bulk up muscles. Our trainer, Gurmanprit Kaur, is here to bust myths - telling you all the reasons why it makes for a great sport and fitness routine for women as well!

Boxing at All you need to know

A common misunderstanding about Fitness Boxing is that it’s an aggressive workout which involves fighting, and is only for people who want to learn boxing. Boxing coach Mujtaba Kamal is here to bust some myths and help us understand the difference between actual boxing and fitness boxing.