What do you do when you boast of having the largest fitness chain in the world and want to tell the whole world about it? Do an OOH campaign, ofcourse! We did bear the flag for the largest fitness chain in India (Date that day: 3rd March 2022); with 500+ centres across the country, how could we not flex? (Pun intended).

And that’s precisely what we did, what better way to scream to the world that “WE ARE EVERYWHERE” than putting up the same message, literally everywhere on hoardings?

It’s not like you can boast about having the most number of fitness centres in the country (maybe even the world, we need to check) every day. Ok, we take it back. We actually can. (Today’s date: 29th Dec, 2022 and we’re already 600+ centres. Just saying!). 

Anyway, enough flexing. Back to why we did, what we did. 

The fun folks at cult.fit, came up with a fun way to communicate this. 

Exhibit A:

From the difficulty of finding a solution for “But bhaaaiya, I told you I only want a 2bhk, with Italian marbles and a big balcony facing the lake”  to feeling the frustration when you are stuck in a traffic jam 2 roads away, but having to lie to your team at work saying “Guy’s I’m just 10 mins away”, we took the most common hassles people face in every city and drew parallels to our supply and proximity of fitness centres. 

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

And to creatively showcase the proximity of cult centres, we used MAPs to depict this. Specifically, the walking markers on maps to display how close we really are. And this is not just for graphical representation, we really are that close. 

We celebrated this glorious feat by plastering this message on 185 hoardings across 13 cities and this definitely didn’t go unnoticed. 

Our first ever, Out of Home campaign being showered with love all over the internet (The irony in this is strong😝) is the best feeling our creative team could get (especially when you're running out of disk space on your laptop because your “rejected ideas” folder is getting full.)

There may be 99 problems in your life, but finding a cult near you isn’t one. 

We can’t help you find a lovely apartment, nor can we help with the traffic situation, but we can definitely empathize with you on wanting a fitness centre close to your house, your workplace or even your friends to which you can swing by and get a good workout. 

That’s why we made sure to put a cult centre close to you because fitness is not an option. Well, not anymore atleast. 

December 29, 2022
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