Have you ever signed up for a yoga class or invested in a costly pair of running shoes only to ignore the constant updates of those classes on your phone and glance at your shoes lying in the corner of your room? That sudden boost of motivation we all feel right before New Year's Eve or when we look at our friend’s gym updates on Instagram can make us take the first step towards meeting our goals.

But why do we never follow through with the plans? Of course, there's no single answer to this. However, one crucial factor is the common denominator here - fluctuations in motivation. We genuinely want to make changes but have trouble following through with a plan. So how do you finally get yourself to stick to a habit?

Motivation is Overrated

Here’s the thing. Motivation alone won’t help in the long run. Sticking to a habit depends on various other factors too. Where do you live? What's your schedule like? What kind of cues do you have around you? Do they cue positive or negative habits?

For instance, if the gym is in your building or on the way to your work, the chances of you sticking to your workout goals is higher than if you had signed up for a gym that takes longer to commute. If drinking 3L of water is one of your goals, wouldn’t it be easier if you had water bottles lying around in areas you frequent?

You can’t rely just on motivation to propel you forward. So what can?

Making a Habit Stick

Imagine being asked to run when you were a baby? Would that even be possible? It wouldn't. Similarly, we're all like babies when it comes to learning something new. We need to start small first. When we say small, we don’t mean that you can’t have big aspirations. Just that you need to set realistic goals and milestones, so you don’t feel overwhelmed as you work through your goals.

And the first step to setting these realistic goals would be to understand where you are right now. This is how you can build momentum when you decide to make changes towards attaining good health.

For example, if you haven't worked out in the last five years, you don't need to start with an hour-long session; you can begin with a simple twenty minutes walk. While you're exploring, you might make mistakes and even experience some slips and setbacks, but reminding yourself that small steps are better than taking no steps at all is a big win.

So apart from motivation and the right environment, the way you approach building a habit also matters. Is this process easy? It's not. But neither is it impossible. With some help, you can transform your life and build habits to get fit for life.

Built on thorough research and deep understanding of our member's dilemma, we have a program to help you reach your health goals - Cult Transform. A Habit Coaching Program that believes in tapping into an individual's ability as well as desire to make changes by setting tiny habits that are sustainable.

Who are our Habit Coaches?

Our Cult Transform Habit Coaches are trained in various aspects of health -- nutrition, exercise and behavioural science. They help clients enjoy the process of making changes and sustaining them even after they complete the program. Habit coaches encourage, educate and empower clients to become more equipped to improve their health.

Hear it from our Habit Coaches

How do Habit Coaches help?

Help you achieve your health goal in a way that’s easy

Whether it’s nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep or whatever your goals may relate to, a habit coach will provide daily actions and offer smaller, simpler practices that evolve with the way you progress.

Offer solutions to get going, even on days you don’t feel motivated

Everyone’s journey is different. So a Habit Coach will understand you, your body, your lifestyle, your goals and structure your environment to accommodate the way you want to live. That's the only way you are likely to stick with a habit, even on days when you don't feel motivated. When you find something challenging, a Habit Coach won’t criticize you. Instead they will create a collaborative space to discover ideas that are best suited for your needs.

Be your partner throughout your fitness journey

Habit Coaches are your accountability partners who will make developing new habits less stressful and more enjoyable. In the process, you will become more aware of what works for you, rely less on quick fixes that do more harm than good and build sustainable healthy habits over time. If you currently feel stuck and have tried sticking to a plan and failed, why not give Cult Transform a try.

Aug 23, 2021
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