Yoga is an ancient practice of India that has been passed down to us by our ancestors. Yoga means to be relaxed, happy and in a state of equilibrium at all times. Being alert at all times is Yoga. Yoga Asanas have been successfully used to treat various kinds of physical and mental ailments through ages. Research has shown that Hatha Yoga is a Yoga for Weight LossSurya Namaskar and other Yoga poses have time and again proved their worth by showing benefits and real results. One such effective pose is VajrasanaVajarasana also known as Diamond pose, is a Sanskrit term that means the thunderbolt. The thunderbolt is also known as a diamond. This is why the pose is called both thunderbolt pose as well as diamond pose. Vajrasana is a simple and basic pose that can be performed by people of all ages. Vajarasan benefits are many. Hence it really pays off to do this pose. Vajrasana benefits include the better functioning of various body parts and organs.

Vajrasana benefits include:-

1) Improves digestion

Digestion is an important process in our body. Digestion is the process by which food and drink are broken down into smaller, absorbable bits to be further used by the body to gain energy and nutrients. One of the first advantages of Vajrasana is that it improves digestion by enhancing blood circulation in the lower abdomen and curing digestive acidity. Vajrasana also controls gas formation and pain in the abdomen.  It further relieves and prevents constipation.

2) Relieve knee pain and strengthen back muscles

Our knees hold the weight of our entire body. Hence it is important to keep the knees healthy and fit.Vajrasana helps keep knees functioning well even in old age. It keeps the knees and ankle joints flexible preventing rheumatic diseases.Keeping our back strong is as important because the back muscles support our entire upper body. It helps us stand upright. Vajrasana also helps in keeping one's back muscles strong.

3) Helps keep the mind calm and stable.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Yet, we tend to neglect our mental health. Vajrasana Yog pose helps in keeping the mind balanced and stable, helping in strengthening the mind.

4) Strengthens the nerves of legs and thighs

Our legs lift the weight of the entire body. Hence it is important to keep them in good shape.Vajrasana increases the flexibility of the lower body along with strengthening the nerves of the legs and thighs.Â

5) Strengthens sexual organs

There are so many reproductive health concerns that emerge with age. Be it men or women, there are a plethora of diseases related to sexual organs. In this case, it is so important to keep sexual organs healthy.Vajrasana helps strengthen the sexual organs and avoid related health ailments.

6) Helps in reducing menstrual cramps

Periods are a natural phenomenon. Every young woman goes through the process once in 28 days. However, the cramps that come with Periods are sometimes unbearable. There are so many remedies that are suggested by people. Some suggest jaggery, some say papaya and others suggest walnuts. We try everything and when nothing helps, we pop a pill! So, is there no natural sure shot remedy to menstrual pain?The answer is yes. There is. It is Vajrasana. Research has shown that the asana is effective in curbing period cramps by relaxing the waist and hip region. What a relief!

7) Helps reduce obesity

If there is one common problem across countries that has been troubling people for centuries, it is obesity. What do we not do to reduce our fat mass in the body? People take dietary pills, starve themselves, spend 4-5 hours in the gym overdoing their workout- bus alas, only disappointment is faced. So the question is, what can one do in Yoga, to aid weight loss?The answer is Vajrasana! Believe it or not, Vajrasana, when practised along with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, helps reduce obesity and give you the confidence to flaunt a great body!

8) Â Helping in the treatment of urinary problems

Urinary problems increase with age. They are common among both men and women. Vajrasana helps in treating the urinary diseases and keeping the urinary system fit and healthy. Apart from these benefits, Vajrasana also helps with hypertension. Now that is a great motivator to start doing Vajrasana!After looking at the Vajrasana benefits the next question that arises is- How to perform the Vajrasana Pose? Is there one specific way to do the Vajrasana Pose or are there multiple ways to do it? Let's take a look at the Vajrasana steps to start practising the posture. Vajrasana steps are as follows:1) Before starting the Vajrasana or Adamantine pose, consider using a yoga mat for comfort. 2) Sit on the mat with your legs stretched out on the floor.3) Now, keeping the hips on the heels, fold both the legs together (or one leg at a time). The buttocks will rest on the heels and thighs on the calves.4) Adjust your pelvis until you are comfortable.5) For beginners or those who feel uneasy doing the pose at first, breaks can be taken after every few minutes or seconds as deemed fit.6) Hold the Vajrasana for a while to get the Vajrasana yoga benefits and then return back into the first pose (stretched out legs).By following these Vajrasana Steps, you will surely be able to reap maximum benefits from Vajrasana Yoga Pose. Here are some tips on how you can make Vajrasan a more comfortable pose. You need to make sure that you are doing the Vajrasana correctly to avoid any kind of discomfort. If you are experiencing ankle pain, consider putting a folded blanket or any other uniform padding under your shins. Position the blanket in such a way, so that the toes hang off the back.If you are experiencing knee pain, place the blanket or towel across your calves.If you are experiencing a sitting discomfort, place a yoga block between your feet horizontally. This would take some weight off your ankles and knees.Vajrasana is a beautiful and beneficial pose but there are certain points that must be remembered before practising Vajrasana posture. The key points to remember before performing this posture include:1) People who have acute stiffness or trouble in foot, ankle or knees need to avoid this pose.2) For people who have slipped disc and other back-related problems, you need to avoid this pose.3) People who have difficulty in movement of limbs need to take great care while performing this pose.4) People with intestinal problems or hernia must avoid this pose. 5) Before starting a Yoga program, consult your doctor, especially if you are pregnant.There are thousands of Asanas in Yoga. Vajrasana is the only Asana which you can perform after eating food. It is advised by Yoga practitioner's and doctors alike to sit in Vajrasana after having meals every day.  As we've already discussed, Vajrasana is a relatively simple asana which is a kneeling pose that has many benefits. Vajrasana uses are many which can be experienced after searching 'Yoga classes near me' and trying out a class to experience the Asana for yourself. To experience Vajrasana uses first hand, book a class today!


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