When your body feels unfit, you can always turn to various physical workouts ranging from aerobics, flexibility, strength, and even balance exercises. But what do you do about the brain? How do you keep it fit and working well? Are there mind exercises to make you more creative? Well, the answer to this question is a yes! You just need to know about such brain training exercises to keep yourself mentally fit and sound. There are plenty of brain workouts that qualify to give you better mental performance and keep your creative juices flowing. They also protect your brain from age-related degeneration and boost the brain function. In this article, we are going to tell you about top 5 brain exercises that not only promote creativity but also improve your memory, cognition, and functioning.

5 Brain Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind


The first and foremost brain exercise is meditation. It involves calming your mind and getting it to focus in a controlled way. There are plenty of meditation techniques that you can try depending on your choice. For instance, there is focus meditation that helps you learn how to concentrate on a task without getting distracted. Some other types of meditation are:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Gratitude Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Spiritual Meditation
  • Sleep Meditation

Since this brain exercise is easy and does not require any specific equipment, anyone can do it anywhere. This is one reason, it is often consider the best exercise for brain. There are even meditation for kids. Some meditation techniques require you to visualize scenes and this is quite beneficial in letting your creativity grow. You can get online classes by expert to learn how to use this brain exercise to boost your creativity. According to a research, meditation also helps in slowing the brain ageing; thereby, keeping your mental health better even during old age.

Playing Chess

It is said that your personality comes out in your game of chess. A shy person who might have issues socializing with others may be a bold attacker when he/she is playing chess. Thus, chess lets you play with your own personality and show your creativity through your moves, tactics, and strategies during the game. As per a research, this brain workout also improves your cognitive skills and sharpens the memory. Your information processing speed also increases. All this is beneficial not just to win the game but also deal with daily-life situations like assignments or deadlines at school or work. This is why schools often use chess as one of the best brain exercises for kids.

Solving Crosswords and Puzzles

Playing with puzzles and crosswords is one of the most exciting mind exercises that can stimulate brain and engage the brain to perform better. Even studies suggest that regular brain exercise using puzzles and crosswords tend to give to sharper brain in later life. This is also one reason why kids are encouraged to try such games. These brain exercises for kids also increase their vocabulary and make them solve problems. All this also trigger creativity. What more? If played with other people, these games also improve group bonding and strengthen social bonds. So, next time you feel bored and don't want serious brain training exercises, you can turn to your favorite puzzles and crosswords.

Learning New Skill or Language

Whether you are learning a new skill like photography or just making sure you speak another language like a pro, your brain gets engage in myriad ways. This engagement improves its function. You can also learn creative skills such as painting or even playing piano as a brain exercise. As far as language learning is concerned, this brain exercise opens up the world of foreign literature and helps your mind learn about new cultures and traditions. All this effectively makes you more creative. Other than boosting your creativity, this brain workout also connects different areas of your brain. This enhanced connectivity may play a big role in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Socialize More

When you meet more people and engage in conversation, you tend to dive into a pool full of new ideas, thoughts, and perceptions. This leisure activity, thus, is not a mere activity but a brain exercise that can help you in improving your creativity. In a study, it was founded that people who are more social were also less at risk of cognition-related diseases such as dementia. This is due to the fact that your brain need to engage in a lot of thought process to indulge in conversations with others. This stimulates the mind and promote better mental health.

What More?

Though the above-listed mind exercises are enough to bring out your creative side, you can also indulge in some other activities. These include:

1. Write stories:

Writing stories is a great brain exercise to stimulate your imagination power and creativity. If long stories are not what you are good at, try writing 6-word stories. They are much more challenging and thus, better for harnessing creativity!

2. Try to Use Your Non-Dominant Hand:

It may not sound as effective or will be tough in the beginning but this brain exercise can keep your brain alive┬Ł. Neurologists believe that using your non-dominant hand strengthens your mind and increases brain activity. So if you are a right-handed person, try eating with your left hand. It may be difficult at the beginning, but that's exactly the point of this brain exercise.

3. Draw a Map of Your Town From Memory:

This is one of the most creative brain exercises to improve memory. So, to start this one, you need a pen and a paper. Now, you have to close your eyes and imagine the map of your neighborhood. Try challenging your brain by drawing an actual map of the place using your memory. Include the major shops, streets and even local landmarks. Once you are done, use a real map to check how good your memory is. In case this brain exercise seems easy for you, try making a country map or even world map and label the places.

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