"Mayura" in Sanskrit means peacock and "asana" means pose. So as per the Mayurasana meaning, it can be also called "peacock pose". Mayurasana or the Peacock Yoga Pose is one of the most famous asanas of the Hatha Yoga Pradeepika yoga book. For beginners, Mayurasana or the Peacock Asana is a challenging asana. However, one can easily perform this asana after practice for days or a few weeks. Patience and practice are required. Mayurasana yoga is best for the muscles, the belly, the shoulder and the back. It is both a detoxifier and a booster of energy for the body. It also needs concentration and willpower for a longer period of time.In Mayurasana, the erect position calms the whole nervous system. This increases cohesion between the different areas of the body during the exercise and mentally impacts the entire body. Asanas like Surya namaskar poses, Mayurasana pose should be avoided in case of medical issues such as hernia, elevated blood pressure, cardiac attacks, and ulcer are present. And during menstruation and breastfeeding, women should avoid it. Practice the asana on an empty stomach.

Meaning and Significance of Mayurasana

In the Mayurasana pose the practitioner's hands appear as the feet of a standing pavement and raised legs to appear as peacock feathers. In this Mayurasana yoga pose, the entire body is put in a dance stance like a peacock, so it is called the Location of the Pacific.Peacock in Hinduism is identified with Indra, the "God of Thunder and Rain," who showers and nourishes the world. Peacocks are said to be Harbinger (one who sends a forecast of what will happen) of rain by conducting a dance to celebrate the "Rainarrival".

Importance of Mayurasana

B.K.S Iyenger stated information of Mayurasana that Mayurasana's daily activity "tones the abdominal organs marvellously," and that the impact of the elbow on the abdominal aorta (the blood-carrying artery) allowed blood to flow in the abdominal organs properly. He also reported that the pose increased metabolism, healed stomach and spleen disorders and avoided the buildup of "toxins." He also said that it prevents diabetes. In the 10th century Vimanarcanakalpa, the information about Mayurasana was mentioned. Maayurasana is said to be the destructor of all sins in the 1,76-7 verse of Vasistha Samhita. It is often referred to in one of the old texts called Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) steps: correct way to do Mayurasana

  1. Sit on the heels in the yoga mat to begin and keep your legs well apart.
  2. Place your hands on the floor and point your fingertips to the body. You must now slowly fold your elbows and press your elbows to the belly.
  3. Hold the abdomen firm as the elbows are pressed on your belly. To do this, your head has to drop on the floor and your stomach has to be reinforced.
  4. After that, you have to spread your legs straight and your knees face the ground with the upper portion of your feet.
  5. Keep your shoulder blades into your back and keep them firm. Now tighten the buttocks and raise the head up. Let your gaze continue.
  6. The next move is to shift the weight of your body forward. Lift your knees off the ground as you do. When you lift your feet off the floor, the weight of your body is raised. Your body is parallel to the ground in this position.
  7. If you are a novice, hold this peacock asana pose for about 10 seconds. You can remain in this place for a minute.
  8. Now you can get your body out of the place by tossing your head and foot down to the ground. Relax.

Mayurasana Benefits

The pressure of elbows will activate the vagus nerve in Mayurasana. The vagus nerve has various advantages, including brain stimulation, detoxification and increased digestion.

  • Peacock asana yoga has the ability to remove your body's toxins. It also helps detoxify the body to remove fever and tumours.
  • It maintains the digestive organs and increases blood supply in the abdominal region. It strengthens the belly in this way.
  • The use of asana is excellent for the relaxation of the liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, kidney and gut.
  • It's ideal for those with diabetes and excellent yoga for weight loss.
  • Practising asana will eliminate dysfunctions in your menstruation and menopause because it can boost and ton your reproductive system. It is also ideal for sexual behaviour enhancement.
  • Mayurasana benefits will reinforce your elbows, your knees, your wrist and back.
  • After practising this asana, you can relieve tension and anxiety as it helps to relax your mind.
  • Through this asana, you will boost your concentrating capacity and also increase the balance between mind and body.

Mayurasana for beginners

You must be very healthy and strong if you are able to do Mayurasana on the first attempt. Most practitioners need a few days to a few weeks to achieve this point.The Hamsasana, yoga for beginners is close and easier to do, is a simple way to do this. Hamsasana or the "Swan Pose" is a similar asana, in which the first three moves above are only taken. It's like Mayurasana unless you don't lift your legs off the ground. The toes should lie on the ground, instead, to give the body an extra balance.

Stage 1: Starting with Hamsasana 5 seconds and then enter 1 minute. Depending on your fitness, versatility and strength, it will take a few days to a few weeks.

Stage 2: Do Hamsasana as described in stage 1. Now just lift one leg above the ground so that it is parallel to the ground. The other knee sits on the ground and balances the toes. Hold doing as long as possible. Start with ten seconds and run for up to 1 minute. Between the legs, you should alternate. Train first with the right leg above the ground, then the left leg up. Continue doing this until it takes you at least 1 minute to make the stance relaxed.

Stage 3: Now you just have to push the legs over the ground. Please remember that you need to change the position of your elbows on the abdominal muscles again. You will work out the correct location to the elbows with little test and error so that the weight can settle on the hands. Test it in the first attempt for just a few seconds. Increase the time over a span slowly to 1 minute or more.

Precaution steps:

This Mayurasana information should be taken into account in order to prevent some common errors:

  • Practitioners should do stretching to enable torso muscles until they bent the elbows. The risks of muscle damage are avoided as you lean into the posture.
  • Avoid lifting legs with a jerk when heading to Peacock Yoga Pose. This might lead the floor to collapse face to face, so slowly and steadily lean into the final stage.
  • Elbows must be together or close together to control the engaged core muscles. Otherwise, the torso is disrupted by swinging elbows.


Mayurasana yoga is a powerful asana, toning up abdominal organs, relaxing the digestive tract and consolidating the reproductive system. Therefore it is in the form of the yogic pose in today's world an overall wellness and health gift. In this above article, all the Mayurasana steps and benefits are mentioned.

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