Jumping is the best home workout for burning more calories and building strength in just twenty minutes. A skipping rope exercise is the best because it does not require more space or equipment. Skipping for weight loss is a known fact as it works the whole body and burns fat in a short duration effectively.

Does skipping increase height? No! it is a myth and cannot happen when you practice it as an adult. The ossified and epiphyseal plates would have been sealed by the age of 18, and therefore rope skipping after 18 cannot make you taller. But it teaches us how to increase stamina. This article will guide you to get started and practice jumping rope fitness with any experience level. It is a complete guide for beginners especially. So, let's get started!

Significance of Learning Jump Rope

Let us analyze the reasons why one should learn skipping rope exercise before we get into its fundamentals. Jumping rope is the best-kept secret in fitness, and many people are not aware of it. It burns over 1000 calories in an hour and is, therefore, rope skipping for weight loss is seen to be very effective. Research states that jumping rope is the most effective cardio workout‚ÄĒrope skipping benefits endurance and agility to the extent that the speed and athletic performance get improved simultaneously. There is proof that weighted ropes engage more muscle groups than light ropes with every jump.

What Is The Best Jump Rope For Beginners?

What is the best skipping rope? This is the first question that arises in every beginner's mind. It is usually recommended to use an inexpensive plastic rope to start a jump rope workout for beginners. But the problem with light PVC ropes is that they make learning difficult as they are very weightless. The person can barely feel it rotating around the body, making it quite challenging to perform it effectively. It results in committing more jump mistakes due to a lack of coordination.

However, a lightweight rope will not be challenging if you are experienced or have high coordination levels. So, the best suggestion here is to skip the cheap plastic ropes and opt for a slightly weighted rope variety. But bear in mind that weighted jump ropes do not support weight loss but will help you learn the rhythm and proper form of the rope skipping exercise. The primary rope skipping moves are:

  • The alternate footsteps
  • The boxer steps
  • The side swings
  • The cross-over
  • The double under

Uses Of Weighted Jump Rope

A weighted jump rope workout will be able to do the following things.

  • It will help you get the feel of the rope spinning around your body.
  • It will make it easy to time the jumps.
  • It slows down the jumps sufficiently to allow you to maintain consistency and pace.

Jump Rope For Weight Loss

If you intend to lose weight, then add a little weight to the jumping ropes. You can get roped designed exclusively for a HIIT and jump rope workout, which effectively burns more calories and leave you sweating.

Jump Rope For Building Muscles

Are you planning to build muscles with a jump rope workout for beginners? Strength training is the most common expectation of everyone when it comes to physical fitness. Take the heaviest rope to start with it. A heavyweight on the rope might seem intimidating initially but opt for it if you target strength training. The start will be challenging, but you will get used to the weight and move soon.

What Is The Ideal Size For A Jump Rope?

To get started, you must aim at getting a jump rope that is sized correctly. This will help with the learning process of jumping rope for beginners. Choose the jump rope according to your height. In a place where they have a variety of jump ropes, you will also find a size chart that will guide you to purchase the correct size you will be needing.

How To Learn Jump Rope Properly?

Jumping rope for beginners has to practice and follow specific techniques to master the move quickly. Let us break them down step-wise.

  • The first step is to how to hold the jump rope. The position where you hold the jumping rope is crucial. Focus on the symmetry. Make sure that both hands are the same distance apart from the middle of the rope.
  • Next is the movement. Move your body minimally along the elbows and shoulders. one must generate the jump rope exercise move from the wrists.
  • Jumping rope is mainly depends on the consistent pattern of bounding. Your jump must only be one to two inches off the ground. Minimize the space accordingly between you and the floor.
  • Pull your feet back and tuck your knees in accordingly. Place the toes in a position such that they point out slightly with every jump.

An Ultimate Guide To Your First Jump Rope Exercise

The fundamentals have been briefed above. Now you must be ready to learn the first jump rope exercise, and here is all you need to know-how. Please have the following guidelines to perform it safely and effectively.

  • Have the feet close to each other while jumping.
  • Always jump on the midsoles only so that you will land softly on the ground.
  • Maintain the jumping height at least half to one inch off the ground.
  • Have your knees slightly bent all the time.
  • Make sure that your spine is tall and neutral throughout the physical activity.
  • Have the head and chest up while doing the jump.
  • Place the shoulders such that they are pulled back with the elbows held down.
  • Have your hands along the midline of your body.
  • Use only your wrists to turn the top and not your shoulders or elbows.

VIDEO: Learn to do Skipping Rope Workout - Here’s what it looks like.

Try the workout linked above, as it is a fantastic way to get fit and stay fit.


A rope skipping exercise requires a bit of practice till you achieve the timing and rhythm. A weighted rope will be of high advantage to beginners to speed up their initial learning. A simple hack is to perform it in front of a mirror to self-correct and cross-verify whether the symmetry issues are solved. The answer to does skipping increases height is: It is possible if you practice it continuously from childhood. Happy Skipping! Start doing it right away, as jump ropes are not a significant investment.

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