Can't sleep? Yoga Nidra could be the perfect key to unlocking healthy sleep patterns, feeling well-rested, and tending to your mental health. Yoga Nidra has become one of the most celebrated healing therapies in the world of meditation! Every practice of Yoga Nidra meditation helps you still the waves of the mind, and consciously move into the state of sleep.As you start with a guided sleep meditation, you follow a pattern of breathing and sensing the body the triggers the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, thereby balancing the left and the right brain. Your brain consciously shifts from a state of complete awareness to a state of relaxation.With the help of Yoga Nidra meditation, one can let their daily stress go off and power down to accept restorative brain-wave activity that helps calm down the muscles, relax the nerve cells and take you to deep REM sleep.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yogic Nidra or Yoga Nidra Meditation is a powerful technique of controlling your mind and bodys relaxation response. It takes one to a paradoxical state of sleep and consciousness that is conducive to deep emotional and physical healing. It rewires your brain while giving you an extra window to go into a state of deep relaxation.Practicing Yoga Nidra relaxes the mind to the effect of almost 3 hours of deep sleep.

How to do Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra guided meditation takes you on a journey from complete consciousness, awareness, and wakefulness to a deep alpha and high-theta brain-wave state i.e. your dream state (REM Sleep). Slowing down your thoughts and making your experience consciousness towards your body, sensations, and relaxation, the Yoga Nidra helps in boosting the mood-regulating hormone secretion, to calm you down.Guided meditation helps you relax your muscles, accept the state of rest, and dive deep into the state of sleep. It helps release stress, control anxiety, and begins the restorative brain-activity.All you need to do is lie down on the bed with lights off and relax your muscles. Close your eyes and start acknowledging the flow of energy through your body, taking note of your senses, and focusing on your breathing.

Yoga Nidra Benefits - Practicing 30 minutes Yoga Nidra Daily

Practicing 30 minutes yoga Nidra comes with its own set of benefits. Here are some!

Improves your sleep and reduces insomnia

Lack of sleep is known to induce a lot of stress, tiredness, fatigue, and restlessness. From burnout to depression, anxiety, and a weak immune system insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns can disturb the mental state of a person and bring along a lot of health concerns. Yoga Nidra helps in slowing the wavelengths of the mind and makes them enter a state of relaxation. Through meditative guidance and mindful breathing techniques, the yoga Nidra technique stimulates a relaxation response in the body to calm the mind and induce sleep. Practicing 30 minutes of yoga nidra everyday helps one unwind from the daily stress and relax the muscles for a mindful sleep for the night. Every day habit helps build a healthy sleeping pattern while helping deal with insomnia better.

Reduces Stress, tension, and pain

Yoga nidra makes you more aware of your senses, thoughts, being, and the sensations in the body. This awareness leads to an understanding of stress, anxiety any tension that one might be holding in themselves. Thus triggering an improvement in emotional self-regulation that boosts moods, helps one deal better with stress, and reduce levels of anxiety or depression.For people dealing with stress, physical or emotional pain or tension, a session of yoga nidra can help curtail the negative thoughts and pressure while creating a sense of calm. You slowly enter a state of being between wakefulness and sleepiness without losing consciousness. This yoga nidra for relaxation helps release happy hormones that reduce stress, anxiety, and any pain associated with the physical, mental, or emotional state of mind.

Re-establishing connection with yourself

Amidst the daily work-life routine, social commitments, and endless chores, we often end up neglecting ourselves. The inability to focus inwards our health, feelings and wellness can lead to health concerns in the long term. Moreover, this lost connection with oneself often lands us into mental health issues and emotional imbalance.Yoga nidra helps find me-time and create more space in your mind. It helps you acknowledge your emotions, feelings, pain, problems, and more as you take time off the daily stress and dive into the practice each day. Through mindful nidra practice, you can release unwanted energy, negative thoughts, and emotions to reconnect with yourself.

Detach from disturbing thoughts

With so much going on around the world, information floating across social media, and the continuing chaos of our daily lives we are often surrounded by thoughts, stigmas, and stereotypes that disturb our mental health. No matter how hard one tries, some effect of these daily chaos translates into our thoughts building up stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalance. Yoga nidra works on an inherent level to ease out the disturbing thoughts and negate their effect on us.Guided meditational practice elevates our sense of acceptance towards who we are, what we do, and self-belief. As you lie down on the bed and start unfolding your consciousness, you can eliminate the negative impact of this daily chaos and detach from the disturbing thoughts. The relaxation response from the body and mind helps heal the emotional and mental wounds.

Inculcate positivity and self-love

What disconnects us from self-love and positivity is the inability to tend to what we feel. Yoga Nidra creates a sense of awareness towards our body, mind, and soul that rips open these complexities and helps us heal from within.As we dive into a deep session of Yoga Nidra, we are better able to relax, sense our body, create self-awareness, and imbibe positivity around us. This positivity and self-awareness leads to self-love and connects that helps us deal with major problems of life.

Emotional and Mental Healing

Finding a sense of balance between your feelings, thought processes, ideas, and habits seem to be a difficult task in todays world. This is why healing emotions of pain, agony, anger, jealousy, etc can be an arduous task. Through yoga nidra meditation you can let your mind and body relax and take a deeper understanding of your feelings.As you dive into practice for a relaxed state of mind, you aren't sleeping completely but are more aware of your body, mind, and emotions. You can let these emotions speak volumes and heal them from within. As the practice induces sleep, one can find themselves finding soothe and ease leading them to let these emotions go and finding peace and joy within.Mindful meditation is important for a happier, fulfilling, and balanced life. A Yoga nidra meditation helps you transcend through mental health problems and inculcate a relaxed state of mind. With regular practice, you can find yourself in a more balanced and happier state of mind is your premium healthcare partner with guided healthcare, fitness, and wellness practices helping you keep track of your health and fitness always. The app, and website allows on-time consultations with the best of doctors, digital health records, nutritional and health information, etc.

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Try this guided meditation session that enhances your sleep and helps you sleep better. We have brought to you these guided meditation series for you to relax at your homes!

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