HRX workout is a type of exercise that follows a regime followed by the famous celebrity Hrithik Roshan. One is made to draw inspiration from his training designed by teaming with the renowned fitness trainer Mustafa Ahmed. This HRX workout regime mainly focuses on increasing the whole-body strength and activates the core by improving the range of motion. This was successfully launched in the year 2013, and an HRX workout has six sessions that are all fun and functional, including exercises like full splits, pistol squats, handstand pushups, etc. These also target burning calories, and each session is for specific muscle groups. Let us discuss the complete HRX workout routine below for a better understanding.

Stepwise HRX Workout Routine

First Session:

The first ten minutes in the first session of the Hrithik workout exercises the shoulders, core and glutes of the body with a high-intensity workout. The type of activities included in this Hrithik Roshan bodybuilding is discussed below.

  • Beast Hold: This HRX workout is done by resting on the knees and placing both hands along the shoulder line. Engage the core all the time with the shoulder, hip, knee and toes all in one line. Raise the knees off the ground, and balance the body on the toes and palms.
  • Burpees: This HRX workout is a full-body exercise that also helps to improve stamina. It is done by standing with the feet to hip-width apart. Then, crunching down with the palms on the floor to the shoulder-width apart, one must jump back with both feet extending the knees completely. The chest must drop to the floor, and then with a push-up, the person must jump forward with both feet at the same time. By standing upright, clap the hands overhead and then repeat the entire discussed steps.
  • Side Kick Through: This HRX workout is done by standing on fours with the knees, toes and palms on the ground. By kicking outwards to the opposite sides with one leg and balancing on the other heel, it is performed by bringing the alternate hand near the shoulders.

Second Session:

This Hrithik workout session includes mainly lower body exercises and a few other body exercises that work on the wrist and hand muscles. The kinds of workout engaged in this session of Hrithik Roshan daily routine are:

  • Plank Shoulder Tap: This effective Hrithik Roshan Workout is done by maintaining a high plank position, and then one palm is taken off the floor to tap the opposite shoulder. On the other hand, the same is done, and it is repeated for a minute or so. Planks are the best exercise to gain six-pack abs.
  • Squat Jumps: This HRX workout is done by placing the feet wide and chest up. Then by squatting with the butt back just above the knee line, the whole body must be pushed off the floor with the arms right up in the air. This has to be repeated, and this workout is all about power, and it burns a lot of calories.
  • Tuck Jumps: This HRX workout is done by standing erect and holding the hands at hips height. A prep hop is done by lifting the knees and the thighs parallel to the ground. Ensure that the abdominal muscles are engaged to repeat this as far as your stamina can push.

Third and Fourth Session:

These are a set of complete power-packed intense whole body Hrithik workout. They are:

  • Beast Walk: This HRX workout strengthens the core muscles and improves balance. It is done by staying on all fours, and then the knees are lifted off the ground. With the palms and elbows extended, lift alternate palm and foot and take small steps forward. One should take care to keep the spine neutral and tight.
  • ZMR Squats: This variation of squat in an HRX workout is just like any other squat except that the squatting position is done a nice and slow move by counting till five and then slowly releasing the squat in the same five counts. This ensures that all the muscles are well worked and also ensures safety by preventing unnecessary injury.
  • ZMR Lunge: This HRX workout is done by using only the strength and power from the legs. One knee is dropped down with the arms in front extended and the palms facing each other. The drop is done slowly for a count of five and got up again. It is then repeated to the other side of the leg.

Fifth session:

The fifth session of Hrithik Roshan fitness mainly focuses on various killer full-body moves that help in burning more calories. These Hrithik Roshan exercises include:

  • Crab Crunch: This crab crunch exercise is done by position wherein the heels and palms are on the floor with the body facing up. This works the abdomens, shoulders and also helps one to achieve thin legs. It is done by touching one foot with the opposite hand by stretching both forward and balancing on the other hand and heel.
  • Leapfrog: This exercise is done by maintaining a squat position and then extending the arms behind and jumping into the same squat position right in front. This is repeated several times.
  • Slow Climbers: The mountain climbers are the variation of slow climbers wherein the high plank position is held, and one knee is brought in towards the elbow of the same side hand. It is then repeated on the other side.

Sixth Session:

The final session of Hrithik Roshan bodybuilding also focuses more on burning calories with few advanced exercises. They are elaborated below:

  • Lunge Hops: This exercise is a variation of lunges wherein the lunges on both legs, or both sides are alternated with a jump in the middle and done vigorously at full speed. This requires more strength and stamina.
  • Push Up Frog Jump: This exercise targets the shoulder and the hip muscles, along with strengthening the core and ankles. The triceps are also worked here because it involves a push-up. This is done by extending the knees and hips in line with the shoulders. The palms are placed on the floor directly below the shoulder with the elbows fully extended. By bending the elbow close to the torso, and a push up is done. Then a jump is done with both feet landing outside the hands with the chest open. This movement is repeated.

Benefits of HRX Workout

The numerous benefits that are related to an HRX workout are:

  • A Hrithik Roshan Workout improves stamina phenomenally.
  • Hrithik Roshan body transformation increases mobility and recovers all the lost range of motion with time.
  • Hrithik Roshan fitness improves overall body strength.
  • Hrithik Roshan workout routine increases the stability of the body, thereby preventing the risk of falls.
  • Hrithik Roshan workout plan enhances the endurance levels remarkably.

Hrithik Roshan Workout Videos

Improves strength, stability and endurance slong with stamina and mobility with this HRX workout video curated by Hrithik Roshan that can be done at the comfort of your home.

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February 23, 2022

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