When a beginner first hears the word yoga, he or she always starts thinking about some complex poses that only yoga gurus or experts can do. Or they start thinking about some boring poses that only older people are interested in doing. However, contrary to the popular belief, yoga is full of poses that are both easy to do and yet beneficial for your health. These poses do not even require you to sit for a long period of time. One such easy yoga is - Mandukasana. Mandukasana is famous among beginners as it is very easy to do. Apart from the ease of doing, it is special in the sense that it starts showing results in a relatively low period of time. So, if you are a beginner and want to learn Mandukasana yoga pose in an easy way, keep reading. Not only are we going to tell you Mandukasana steps and benefits, but we are also going to tell you certain precautions that will keep you safe. Keep reading!

What is Mandukasana?

Mandukasana is made from two Sanskrit words - Manduk and asana. The word Manduk means frog and the word asana means the pose. Hence, Mandukasana literally translates to the frog pose. As you can see in any Mandukasana image, you have to sit like a frog while doing the asana and hence the name. Mandukasana steps are so easy to do that this yoga pose is even taught in kids yoga classes. It is one of the rare yoga poses that helps in massaging your abdominal organs. This yoga pose is so popular that if you will search yoga centres near me on the internet, you will find that most of the online and offline yoga classes teach Uttana Mandukasana along with other famous poses like surya namaskar yoga and yoga nidra. If you do it properly, it can start showing you results on your belly and other body parts very quickly.

What are the Benefits of Mandukasana?

The pose looks very simple easy and yet there are a ton of benefits of Mandukasana. Here is a list of the top Mandukasana benefits on your health:

  • When you lay down your abdominal area on your upper thighs, your internal abdominal organs get slowly massages. This massage can give relief from abdominal pain and helps in the smooth functioning of abdominal organs.
  • The fat on the abdominal area, or what is popularly known as the belly fat, gets reduced when you perform Uttana Mandukasana. With the reduction of fat, you can gain control over your weight. Hence, it the perfect yoga pose for people who want to reduce their excessive weight and make their stomach flat. Moreover, Mandukasana yoga does not require complex movement of limbs or other body parts. Hence, even people who are suffering from obesity can do Mandukasana yoga pose easily.
  • It helps in treating both constipation and indigestion. You have to do Mandukasana regularly to see better results.
  • If you are someone who is suffering from the production of unwanted gases, Mandukasana yoga can prove helpful to you. As your indigestion and constipation are treated, the problem of the release of unwanted gases also gets treated at the same time.
  • One of the lesser-known benefits among the Mandukasana benefits is that it can stimulate your pancreas. By stimulating your pancreas and boosting the production of insulin, it can help in controlling diabetes.
  • Some people suffer from severe abdominal pain caused by the dislocation of the naval. This condition can also be treated with the help of Mandukasana.
  • It can also give you some relaxation if you are an asthmatic person.
  • If you perform it the right way for a long period of time, you will start experiencing lesser pain in your lower back.
  • The muscles of your chest and shoulders also get stretched when you do Mandukasana. The flexibility of the muscles increases with this movement and as a result, your chances of getting injured also get reduced.
  • Women having their periods should also try this yoga under the supervision of a trainer. It can actually give you relief from muscular cramps.

How to Do Mandukasana Step by Step

The results of Mandukasana depend on how well do you do Mandukasana steps. If you do the right steps, you will start seeing these results very soon. Here is how you can do Mandukasana pose step by step:

Mandukasana Steps by cultfit
Mandukasana Steps
  1. Spread a clean mat or a towel on the floor and sit in a Vajrasana position.
  2. Ensure that the hands should be under your shoulders and the knees should be under the hips. Tay in the position for a few seconds and take five to six deep breaths.
  3. Inhale deeply and move your knees outward while exhaling.
  4. When you will stretch, you might require to force it a little bit. The stretch will depend on your flexibility. You might experience a strong stretch in your groin area and inner thighs. Do not push it if you experience sharp pain. You can become better at it as you will perform other yoga poses for increasing your flexibility.
  5. Continue opening the hips while you bend the legs.
  6. Flex the ankles in a way that your inner feet, ankles, and knees touch the mat.
  7. Lower down the forearm with your palms to press them together.
  8. Start taking deep breaths in this position. Take around 10 deep breaths.
  9. These breaths are actually the North star of Mandukasana. They will tell you whether you are doing Mandukasana pose in the right way or not. If your breaths are short, it is an indication that you are pushing your limits. On the other hand, if your breaths are deep, it means that you are stretching the right way.
  10. Now comes the part where you release the frog posture. Slide the knees together and return to your original position slowly.
  11. You can get out of Mandukasana pose also by slipping feet on the mat and pressing the hips.


Mandukasana yoga pose works effectively only when you do it the right way and take care of all of the precautions. We have already described thoroughly how to do it the proper way. Now is the time to learn what are some precautions that you should keep in mind while performing it. Below down is your list of the precautions:

  • Pregnant women are strictly advised to not try Mandukasana. It poses pressure on the lower abdomen which highly dangerous for your health.
  • If you have recently gone under abdominal surgery, you should try to avoid Mandukasana yoga pose. You can start doing it under the supervision of a medical expert once your body completely recovers.
  • People who are weak at their knees for any reason should also try to avoid this pose.
  • Please make sure that you do not practice this pose while you are full stomach. Make a gap of at least 4 hours between the meals. You should do it empty stomach in the morning if you want to see the most effective results.
  • If you are suffering from a migraine, you should not perform it until your health gets better. Lowering down your head in Mandukasana yoga pose can worsen your condition.
  • If you are suffering from server lower back pain, get yourself treated before doing Mandukasana.

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