Anger is an emotion that everyone goes through when you are physically or emotionally hurt. It is a part of life but the problem arises when you are unable to control it and react by screaming or yelling. Though anger is a normal response and one should not avoid or ignore anger, there are ways to process it healthily. Yoga to control anger is one of the best ways to do it. Read below to learn about some poses of yoga to control anger:Â

5 Poses of Yoga to Control Anger

As per yoga, anger is due to the overstimulation of rajasic energy. This energy though important to accomplish things in life, too much can lead to negative emotions which causes anger, aggressive behavior, and more. There are many ways in yoga to control anger like Surya Namaskar, meditation for stress, and more which are generic and aid overall health. Some of the specific poses of yoga to control anger are:

Sukhasana or Easy Seated Pose

One of the best poses in yoga for anger management is a simple asana that can pull you out of anger and help you feel connected and centered. To do this anger yoga sit cross-legged on the ground in a quiet place, close your eyes, and deep breath in and out for at least 60 seconds with complete mindfulness. You will notice that your anger is released with every exhale. This is also done as part of yoga for anger and anxiety.Â

Balasana or the Child PoseÂ

This is one of the yoga for beginners asana and is yoga to reduce anger. This exercise can calm the mind and strengthen the body. It is a great way to promote the mind-body connection. Balasana is an easy yoga to reduce stress and anger and should be started by kneeling on the floor. Sit on the heels, bend forward until the thighs and chest are in contact. The hands should be extended in the front and this position should be held for about 3 to 5 minutes.Â

Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand Pose

This is a great pose of yoga for anger management as it helps to stabilize the nervous system and control anger. It is an anger yoga pose and great for the body as well. To do this, lie on the ground on your back. Keep your hands at the side and your feet together. Lift your legs up so that it forms a 90-degree angle with the body. Hold this position for a few minutes.

Ustrasana or The Camel Pose

It is one of the yoga asanas to control anger. Start with a kneeling position, place hips over the knees and palms on your back. Now bend backward with your arms extended and try to hold the ankle with your palms. Press your hips forward and keep the gaze towards the ceiling.Â

Savasana or The Corpse Pose

It is a great asana to calm the mind and body and can also control anger. Lie on the back, place the hands on your sides and feet apart. Keep the mind and body relaxed and keep the focus on breathing. Stay for 5 minutes to get maximum benefits. There are many more poses in yoga to control anger, but the above is extremely useful.Â


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