Name any complete workout and you will find some form of squats in it. Whether you do exercises with equipment or without equipment, whether you want to improve your flexibility or increase strength, there is always a form of squats available. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most famous forms of squats called the goblet squat.

If you want to pick an exercise that allows your body to get lower without pushing you to the limits, a goblet stretch is perfect for you. In this article, you will get to know how to do goblet squat, the muscles involved, various benefits of this exercise, and a lot more. So, read this article till the end. 

How to do Goblet Squat: A Step-by-step guide

Learning how to do goblet squat is quite easy as compared to some other exercises you might be habitual of doing in the gym. Actually, there are only three main steps involved in this exercise. Once you master those three steps, you can essentially master the goblet squat workout. 

Down below, we have jotted those three main steps. Follow each step carefully to fully reap the benefits of goblet squat:

  1. Stand straight with both your feet at a distance of shoulder-width apart from each other. Your toes should point straight. Now, to do the exercise, tighten the abs, and raise the kettlebell to the level of your chest. Squeeze shoulder blades together and pull them a little closer to your body. 
  2. Bend your knees and get into the squat position. You have to squat as low as possible. Ensure that your chest stays up and your back stays straight. If the back is getting rounded, it means that you are getting too low. 
  3. Now it is time to stand back. Drive through your feet, squeeze your glutes, and return to the tall standing position where you started this exercise. 

Goblet Squat Muscles Worked

The main function of every exercise in a kettlebell or dumbbell workout is to engage one kind of muscle or the other. The same goes for a goblet squat. Some main goblet squat muscles worked are quads and glutes. While you hold the weight at the height of your chest, your core will try to stabilize the trunk. Along with that, your lats and upper back muscles also play their part in keeping the kettlebell or dumbbell at the right place. 

Benefits Of Goblet Squat

There are a lot of health benefits of doing goblet sumo squat that pushes people to add this exercise to their daily workout. From activating certain muscles to reducing the risk of injury, the goblet squat has a wide range of benefits. Here is the list:

  • It strengthens your glutes

What makes this exercise different from other forms of squats is holding the weight at the level of the chest. And its major benefit also lies in holding the weight. What it basically does is that it shifts the center of gravity resulting in a lower depth option. 

The weight makes it easier to sink lower down. When the range of motion is increased, your glutes are stretched more. As a result of all of this, your glutes are strengthened. 

  • It activates your core

When you place the weight above the level of your waist, your core must work a lot to make sure that your spine stays neutral. Without that, the spine bends a little from its ideal position. When you squat with kettlebells in your hands, you activate and train your core muscles.

  • Reduces the risk of injury

Many people who have never tried goblet squat exercise fear that they will injure their back while performing the dumbbell goblet squat. Thankfully, the mechanism of the goblet squad pose is such that there are very few chances of picking up high weight. 

When you hold the weight of the kettlebell at the level of your chest, you tend to self-limit the weight. This automatically reduces the chances of getting injured because of extra weight. 

Modifications & Variations

If you are the kind of person who gets bored of doing the same exercise again and again, the kettlebell goblet squat is ideal for you. You can modify the exercise in your home workout as much as you want. Here are some ways through which you can do modify kettlebell or dumbbell goblet squat:

  • If you think that holding kettlebells in your hands while doing squats is too much for you, you can simply skip the weights and hold your hands at the level of your chest with imaginary dumbbells. Once you start getting comfortable with the kettlebell goblet squat, you can grab lightweight kettlebells.¬†
  • If you feel that your body is not stretchable enough to do squats, you can use a box. Just squat down on the box and then stand up again just like you do with the regular exercise.¬†
  • You can change the weight of the kettlebells according to your goal. If your goal is to build strength, you can use a heavier-weight kettlebell.¬†
  • Just like weights, you can also change the number of reps according to your goal. If your focus is on cardio instead of strengthening, you can increase the number of reps from 4-6 sets of 8-10 reps. The number of reps you should do is not absolute; it changes from person to person according to the level of flexibility and stamina.¬†

Just like modifications, there are variations of this exercise too. In the variations, the basic techniques or the equipment that you use to perform the exercise gets changed. Here is a list of some goblet squat exercise variations:

The Takeaway

By now, you have all the required knowledge about goblet squat workout. Now the only thing between you and perfect glutes is some effort. So, why not just start this exercise right away? After all, considering its various benefits, the goblet squat is the perfect workout. 

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