Sirsasana or the Headstand yoga pose is known as the king of all yoga poses or asanas. This is because it has wonderful effects on your body. We will discuss these Sirsasana benefits in the latter part of this write-up. It is said that wonderful things dont come easy. That is why the headstand pose is difficult to master in a go. It needs proper guidance initially, precision, strength, practice, and concentration. But worry not; we have compiled a few guidelines which if you follow, will let you master this sirsasana yoga easily. These guidelines can also serve as the headstand for beginner's guide. So lets get started!

Steps to master Headstand Yoga

If you are a newbie, mastering headstand yoga for beginners might take time. Do not lose heart. Keep on practising. But if you are someone already into yoga and are finding it difficult to perform sirsasana pose, here are few steps to go about it:Youll need a mat and a place close to the wall to perform Sirsasana.

Building the Base for Sirsasana Yoga

  1. First remove your glasses, bangles, watch, necklace, or anything that might fall during the practice. Also, keep them far so that if you lose balance you dont land on them.
  2. Fold the mat twice by joining the edges and keep it near the wall. If you do not happen to have a yoga mat you can use a blanket.
  3. Sit on the mat in the Vajrasana Pose. That means to kneel and sit on your legs.
  4. While sitting on your knees, bend forward and place your arms and forearms straight in front of you. Spread your knees slightly and make sure your big toes touch the mat. In this position, your buttocks rest on your knees.
  5.  Next, interlock your fingers and keep your elbows shoulder-width apart on the mat.
  6. Create a bowl-like structure with your hands, so that it can hold your head.
  7. Bend forward and place the top portion of your head on the ground. The back portion of your head should be between your palms.

Note: Make sure that your shoulders do not exert much pressure on your neck and head. You can test this by moving your head a few times from side-to-side.

Raising the body

  1. Gradually lift your shoulder blades and knees off the ground, raising your buttocks in the air.

      (Note: A little warm-up before this pose might aid in performing this easily)

  1. Gradually bring your feet close to your face so that your head and back are in a straight line. Your thighs get aligned against your stomach.
  2. Now you can slowly start lifting your feet away from the floor. Bend your knees and slowly lift your feet. But do it one at a time.

     (Note: If you are unable to do it on your own, take the help of the wall. Also to keep your balance intact, focus on pushing via your shoulders and back into the ground.)

  1. Keep your toes pointed upwards. Keep the focus on your breath and you are in the sirsasana pose.
  2. Releasing the headstand pose
  1. Once the sirsasana pose is done, bring back your knees down to the chest gradually. Start bending at the hips until the knees get close to the chest.
  2. Keep focusing on your breath and pushing into the ground for balance.
  3. Lower your toes one at a time and touch the ground. Remember to keep your back and knees straight.
  4. Headstands for beginners tip, if required hold this position for a moment for better balance.
  5. Return to your hands and knees position. Bend your knees and lower the hips. Keep moving towards the ground until your weight gets on your legs. Bring your upper body down and rest the front portion of your head on the ground. Stay like this for a moment or so.
  6. Next, get back to the sitting position from where you started sirsasana. You can do this by lifting your head and straightening your back. Your weight should be on your toes by now. Now straighten your legs one by one. Your buttocks should touch the ground. The back will be straight.
  7. A little bit of stretching is recommended after performing sirsasana. For stretching, you can lean back and put your elbows on the ground. Slowly lower down your upper body until your back touches the ground. Stretch your legs and arms for a while. Lie down in this relaxing position and focus on your breath.

Benefits of doing Sirsasana regularly

There are a multitude of headstand pose benefits if performed regularly. This is because it plays a vital role in our health maintenance. It regulates the metabolic system. It is said that if Sirsasana is performed the correct way it provides ultimate healing. Let us learn about its effect on our bodies in greater detail:

  1. Relieves Stress

It takes a lot of effort for the body to let the blood move up to your head and torso. Poor blood circulation might result in various ailments. So sirsasana helps in:

  • Blood flow increase in the scalp.
  • Blood pressure normalization.
  • Proper blood circulation in the brains blood vessels making them strong. This in turn enhances the nervous system functioning thereby relieving stress.
  • Increase in focus/concentration

When your blood circulation improves throughout your body, especially the mind, you become more mindful. Your mental capacity increases. Your mind becomes sharp and healthy.

  1. Better blood flow to eyes

Sirsasana sends an increased amount of oxygen and important blood-rich nutrients to your eyes. The improved blood flow keeps eye problems away!

  1. Improves metabolism

One of the most fruitful sirsasana benefits is it regulates your digestive system. When your digestive organs pose against gravity, any unhealthy stuck items and trapped gasses escape out of your system easily. Your nutrient absorption also increases. It is important to keep focusing on your breath while you do sirsasana.

  1. Makes You strong

It provides strength to your shoulders and arms.

  1. Flushes your lymphatic system

One of the most surprising sirsasana benefits is its work on your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps in waste removal from your body. Sirsasana stimulates the lymphatic system and helps in waste removal at a faster pace. Hence your body becomes healthier.

  1. Enhances the pituitary functions

Since sirsasana rejuvenates your nervous and endocrine system, it enhances the performance of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland controls the working of other important glands. This gland also secrets hormones directly into the bloodstream. So the functioning of this gland should be appropriate at all times.

  1. Cures Diabetes

Sirsasana aids in the working of the pancreas due to increased blood flow. Hence, enhances the metabolism of sugar in the bloodstream.

  1. Weight Loss Yoga

Sirsasana is a power-packed yoga pose that aids weight loss.

Performing Sirsasana at home

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