What Is Trapezitis?

Trapezitis is a condition in which trapezius muscles get inflamed and cause neck spasm and pain. This condition is quite common in today's working culture where people have to sit for hours at a desk, in front of computers or laptops. While sitting, they use their neck and back muscles a lot, which causes trapezitis.Thankfully, the pain caused by trapezitis does not last longer than 3 to 5 days. Apart from the office workers, drivers are also prone to this condition. Trapezitis Symptoms Initially, trapezitis symptoms are very mild like discomfort in the neck. The severity of increases with the time. Here are a few common symptoms people experience in trapezitis:

  • Pain in neck after a work shift
  • Neck and back muscles become stiff. Relief is felt once you take rest or get massaged.

In the later stage of trapezitis, people also experience these symptoms:

  • Episodes of pain
  • Difficulty in neck movement
  • Severe pain even at a minor trigger
  • Pain lasts for 3 to 5 days
  • Might also experience pain in arms or hands

In rare cases of trapezitis, nerve compression can also happen. This further leads to weakness and numbness of arms, fingers, and hands. 

Who Is At Risk?

Trapezitis mostly happens to the people who:

  • Are drivers and drive over long distances
  • Officer workers who work for long hours sitting at a computer table

Had an accident that affected neck and back muscles

Trapezitis Causes

The trapezius is a large muscle of the neck and the upper part of the back. This muscle contains fiber bands. Trapwzitis occurs when inflammation occurs in these fiber bands. A few trapezitis causes are as follows:

  • Sitting in the same position for long hours.
  • Reading books, watching television or using mobile in an awkward for long hours.

In some cases, women who breastfeed their babies with a bent also suffer from trapezitis. People with a medical history of some kind of accident that has weakened their neck or back also suffer from trapezitis.

How Is Trapezitis Diagnosed?

Trapezitis diagnosis is simply done by a physiotherapist by examining your symptoms. Stiffness in trapezius muscles, severe pain after work are some symptoms that confirm trapezitis. Your doctor might also about your daily routine and sitting posture during the examination.

How Is Trapezitis Treated?

Trapezitis cure is quite easy to do if treatment is given at right time. In fact, to cure trapezitis, medicine is not required if a person straighten up his or her posture and take physical therapy. Trapezitis treatment is done through the following methods:

  • By using advanced modalities, electrical therapy is given to the patient for pain relief.
  • Myofascial release is used to treat muscle immobility.
  • Tight structures are stretched, and weak muscles are strengthened.
  • Ergonomic experts give postural training on how to properly sit and work.
  • Trapezitis physical therapy can also be done by self-stretching. You should consult a physiotherapist to ask how to properly self-stretch.

If you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above and are planning to go to a doctor, Care.Fit can a right place for you. We have a specialized team of physiotherapists who have years of experience. To book an online appointment, go to Care.Fit's website or app and get the chance to avail discount and cashback offers on your first appointment.

How Can Trapezitis be Prevented?

Trapezitis can be prevented by making a few changes in your lifestyle such as:

  • As per the advice of an ergonomic expert, you should sit in a good posture to relax your trapezius muscles.
  • Do simple exercises such as sitting and standing up straight.
  • Try not to hunch your shoulders while doing activities such as holding your phone.
  • Try not to carry heavy backpacks or shoulder bags, it can put a strain on your neck muscles.
  • Elevate your electronic products such as laptops or computers at your eye level. Make sure you do not slump over to use your electronic device.
  • Adjust your level of keyboard and armrest to a height that does not put a strain on your muscles. While sitting straight, make your keyboard level is even with your arms.
  • Don't drive for long hours without taking rest. Not only trapezitis, it can also cause fatigue that can lead to a fatal accident.

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May 24, 2022

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