What is a flat bench dumbbell press?

From the smallest daily movements like picking something off the ground to playing sports or even swimming, having strong chest muscles are important. This is what makes training your chest muscles essential. 

Your chest or the pectoral region consists of four muscles- pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, subclavius, and serratus anterior. These muscles are responsible for rotating and flexing the upper limb and maintaining its range of motion and flexibility. 

One of the most impactful exercises to build strength in these muscles is the flat bench dumbbell press. Also known as flat DB bench press or dumbbell chest press, this exercise works on your overall pectoral development. 

How to do flat bench dumbbell press?

Wondering how to do dumbbell bench press? Just like any other weighted exercise, you need to be careful about its form and technique. 

Here are the steps to follow for doing flat DB bench press correctly:

  1. To start the dumbbell press flat bench, hold a pair of dumbbells and position yourself on a bench. 
  1. Lie on the bench on your back.
  1. Engage your core and start by raising both the dumbbells towards the sky with your palms facing forward with your arms fully extended.
  1. Engage your lats by rotating your shoulders and stabilising your back.
  1. Slowly lower the dumbbells by keeping your wrists neutral. Lower them till your upper arms are levelled with your back. Your elbows must form a 45-degree angle away from your body and your upper and lower arms must form a 90-degree angle away from your body.
  1. Now begin the upward movement by squeezing your chest muscles and driving the dumbbells upwards. Continue till your arms are extended almost fully with a slight bend in your elbows. 
  1. Pause for a second at the top before you lower the dumbbells. 
  1. This is one repetition of dumbbell press flat.

Sets and reps of dumbbell flat bench: You can start by doing 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions. For beginners, flat bench dumbbell press average weight can be 40 kg. You can gradually progress on this with practice.

What are some flat bench dumbbell press variations?

Once you know how to do dumbbell bench press, it is important to try different variations of this exercise. Rotating your exercise plan is a great way to improve your performance by targeting the same muscles differently. 

Here are some of the most effective flat bench dumbbell press variations for you to try:

  1. Incline flat bench dumbbell press: As the name suggests, this variation is done by placing yourself on a bench set to an angle of 45-degrees from the ground. By using this position, you can put more emphasis on your chest muscles as compared to the standard dumbbell flat bench. All the steps stay the same as in the traditional exercise.
  1. Single-arm flat bench dumbbell press: This is a very effective variation of the standard exercise, which is done by using one arm at a time. This single-arm movement is a great way to enhance the balance on both sides of the body. It also improves core engagement. 

What are some flat bench dumbbell press alternatives?

Whether you have hit a plateau, want to isolate a single muscle group, or simply need some variation, here are some great flat bench dumbbell press alternatives to include in your workout regime:

  1. Barbell bench press: As the name suggests, to do this exercise, you need to replace the dumbbells with a bar. This is an effective exercise to build your overall strength and muscle mass. Since you are not holding individual weights, it is easier to lift heavier weights. The technique remains the same as the traditional exercise.
  1. Dumbbell fly: One of the best exercises for isolating the chest muscles, it not just stretches your pecs muscles but also create better metabolic stress on them. It also helps in building a stronger upper body faster. 

What are the benefits of flat bench dumbbell press?

The dumbbell flat bench exercise plays a great role in developing upper body strength. Here are some other great reasons to include this exercise in your workout routine:

  1. When done correctly, the dumbbell press flat bench activates all the muscle groups in your upper body. These include your pectorals, triceps, and deltoids. This allows you to lift heavy, builds better balance, and makes daily activities simpler.
  1. One of the most important flat bench dumbbell press benefits is that it works out and strengthens your core muscles. Having a strong core improves your posture and helps prevent and manage lower back pain and tension.
  1. This is a great exercise to take your shoulder muscles through a longer range of motion. Better range means stronger and more flexible shoulders.
  1. One of the most important flat bench dumbbell press benefits is that it increases your bone strength and prevents the risk of osteoporosis. 

How to do flat bench dumbbell press safely?

It is not just sufficient to know how to do flat dumbbell press. You also need to be mindful of its correct technique to avoid injuries.

Here are some tips for doing the flat bench dumbbell press safely:

  1. Learn the technique of dumbbell press flat bench exercise from an experienced trainer. This will help correct your form and prevent muscles strain.
  1. Always perform the exercise movements in continuous flowing movements. 
  1. Don’t hold the weights with a thumb less grip.
  1. Don’t allow your wrists to rotate.
  1. It is essential to warm up your muscles before doing the flat bench dumbbell press. 
  1. Give yourself time for post-workout recovery by allowing appropriate rest periods. 
  1. The flat bench dumbbell press average weight must be chosen depending on your general health and conditioning levels.


When done correctly, a flat bench dumbbell press has immense benefits for your strength and endurance. The key to gaining these benefits is to stay consistent, keep yourself engaged through its variations, and follow a healthy lifestyle. 

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