What exactly is running exercise?

Running as an activity seems so simple that almost all of us assume that we know how to do it correctly. Running is a more complex activity than you can imagine. 

Running involves a coordinated movement that includes your entire body. It is a form of aerobic exercise that uses your body weight and has significant benefits on your physical and mental health. 

What are the benefits of running?

Now that we have defined running for you, it’s time to re-look at the incredible benefits of running for your overall health and fitness. The health benefits of running don’t just impact your physical health, but also improve your mental health. 

Here is a roundup of all the possible benefits of running daily:

  1. One of the most important benefits of running daily is that it adds extra years to your life. Wondering how? Running is an excellent way to boost your circulation and metabolic processes. This helps in better oxygenation and prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases including heart attack, hypertension, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, etc. Given their propensity to get heart diseases, this is especially one of the best running benefits for men.
  1. A great running exercise benefit is that it has a significant impact on your lung health. When you run, you breathe faster and deeper, which gets more oxygen to your muscles. This increases their endurance and capacity. It helps prevent problems related to your lungs such as shortness of breath, asthma, COPD, and even lung cancer.
  1. One of the most important advantages of running is that it helps you sleep better and faster. This is a deep sleep that gives your body time to rejuvenate itself. This is especially an evening running benefit that also extends to your sleep patterns and prevents sleep apnea. When you rest well, you see a transformation in your mood. You are fresher, have stabilised emotions, and reduced fatigue. This has a direct and positive impact on your interpersonal relationships. 
  1. The benefit of running in the morning is that it sets the tone for your day and gives it a structure. By stimulating you both mentally and physically the first thing in the morning, you get something known as ‚Äėrunner‚Äôs high‚Äô. This improves your productivity for the day and helps you achieve your work goals better.
  1. One of the most effective benefits of running in the morning is that it kick starts your metabolism. This is because when you run before your breakfast, you don’t let your body store fat. That’s why it is said that the best running for weight loss is done at dawn break.
  1. Contrary to the notion that running is bad for your bones and joints, runners are less likely to develop problems with their joints. One of the most important health benefits of running is that it improves the health of your spinal discs and cartilage. Runners also show low rates of arthritis.
  1. One of the best benefits of running everyday is that it helps you lose weight and keep it off in the long run. This is because running burns more calories not just while running but also long after you are done with the exercise. Running for weight loss has multitudes of benefits for your health. It gives you a toned up appearance and prevents the risk of obesity-related diseases. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, gallbladder diseases, stroke, osteoarthritis, etc. 
  1. The best running for weight loss benefit is that it makes you more confident and happier about your appearance. 
  1. One of the most effective running benefits for the body is that it enhances your immunity. This happens because running, like any other exercise, bolsters the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting off infections. This improves your body’s defence mechanism against diseases, infections, and inflammations and keeps you fit in the long run.
  1. Amongst the most critical advantages of running is that reduces the risk of several types of cancers such as those of the lungs, colon, and breast. This happens because of the advantages of running for weight loss, better hormone regulation, and better metabolism. Running also reduces the side effects of cancer treatments and helps you respond better to them.
  1. One of the most important running benefits for men and women is that by bettering your circulation, running improves brain oxygenation. This prevents the risk of age-related neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  1. Another important benefit of running for women is that it regulates the production of estrogen. This cuts the risk of developing uterine and breast cancer by half.
  1. An excellent benefit of running for women is that it helps you deal better with the PMS. It regulates your mood and reduces pain and discomfort associated with menstruation. 
  1. Benefits of running everyday include low stress, anxiety, and depression. This happens because when you exercise, your body releases endorphins (happy hormones) and reduces cortisol (stress hormone). This has a positive impact on your mental health and helps you respond better to triggers of stress. 

What are some tips for gaining the most benefits of running?

Now that you know the benefits of running, here are some things that you need to keep in mind to gain these advantages and become a better runner:

  • Warm-up and stretch to improve your flexibility to gain running exercise benefits.
  • To get benefits of running start slowly by running shorter intervals.
  • Be versatile by including interval running or using incline surfaces.
  • Whether you want to gain day or evening running benefits, be consistent with your practice.¬†


 There cannot be better exercise than running for improving your quality of life and health. It is simple to learn and doesn’t cost you anything and can be included in your workouts at home. Just keep the above-mentioned tips to gain the awesome benefits of running.

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December 31, 2021

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