Behind Every Great Run Is Great Nutrition

Whether you are running a 5k or a marathon, the right nutrition is extremely important. It not only helps you give your best but also prevents injuries.’s Health Coach, Chandni Haldurai, runs us through the must-haves in a runner’s everyday dietary plan.

The Secret To Improving Stamina & Endurance

Beginner, moderate or advance - whatever be your fitness level, Master Trainer, Rishabh Telang reveals the ultimate guide to help you train more efficiently, run longer distances, do higher-intensity activities, and ultimately burn more calories.

5 Surprising Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Fitness Tracker

The pandemic and the lockdown have resulted in most of us becoming more conscious of our health and how we approach fitness. People are looking for ways to keep themselves away from binge eating and to stay motivated in sticking to a workout routine.