When asked about it, everyone says that they love to jog. But when it comes to the real ground, only a small fraction of such people jog regularly. What can be the reason behind the discrepancy?
One possible reason can be the lack of awareness about the benefits of jogging everyday. On the surface, almost everyone knows that jogging is beneficial for health. But hardly anyone can tell ten or even five advantages of jogging. Now is the time to change that.
In this article, we are going to reveal the 10 best health benefits of jogging. If you want a nudge to wake in the morning and go out for a jog, reading this article can be a good start. But before that, let’s see what makes jogging different from walking or running.

What Is Jogging?

If you are running at a slow and steady pace, you are not exactly running but jogging. If you are running at a pace of fewer than six miles per hour or around 10 km per hour, you are jogging.
Now, you don’t need to be conscious of your speed every time you go to a park for walking or running. Just keep in mind that if you put in a little more effort than walking, you are jogging and getting a ton of benefits.

Health Benefits Of Jogging Outside

The benefits of jogging are quite diverse - from the heart to the mind, it benefits almost all major parts of your body. Here is a list of 10 benefits of jogging that are backed by science:

1. It Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Your arteries, capillaries, veins, and heart make up the cardiovascular system. While the most popular method of improving cardiovascular health is doing cardio exercises, you can also do jogging to get similar effects.
Your goal of jogging should be to provide oxygen-rich blood to working muscles so that they can use it to get energy. After regular practice, you will notice that your resting heart rate has achieved the ideal level, which points to improved cardiovascular health

2. It Helps In Building Muscular Strength

Brisk walking or jogging is not best known for building big muscles but they can gradually improve muscular strength. To be precise, your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps are strengthened by regular jogging. When you push your legs back and forth, your trunk needs to be stabilized by engaging various muscle groups. This engagement activates the muscles and strengthens them.‍

3. It Improves Your Muscular Endurance

If your legs can’t do repetitive movements for some tasks, for example, cycling, it means that you lack endurance. Among other methods, one of the easiest methods to increase your endurance is by going for a jog regularly. When you push your muscles to contract regularly and maintain the pace, you essentially increase your endurance for other tasks too. ‍

4. It Makes Your Bones Stronger

The density of your bones matters a lot when it comes to injuries and fractures. If your bone density is high, you can sustain an injury without getting it fractured and vice versa. And one of the most important health benefits of jogging in the morning is an increase in the density of bones. So, by going for a jog regularly, not only do you reduce the chances of fractures but you also the chances of bones-wasting conditions such as osteoporosis. ‍

5. It Helps You Lose Weight

Among all the health benefits of jogging daily, probably the most famous one is its facilitation of weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you have to spend more energy than what you get through food. And the easiest way to do that is by jogging for a long period of time. The more weight you want to lose, the more time you should jog. ‍

6. It Boosts The Immune System

There are many scientific studies done to prove the benefits of jogging and other similar physical activities. The results of many such studies have found that jogging regularly has a net positive effect on the immune system. There is a surge noticed in the products of macrophages and lymphocytes in people when they practice jogging regularly. So, jogging can directly prevent conditions like osteoporosis while indirectly preventing diseases like flu or cold by boosting your immune system. ‍

7. It Acts As An Active Form Of Recovery

If you go to the gym, you probably already know that the key to better health lies not only in engaging your body but also in getting proper rest. If you do an intensive workout at home or at the gym, you need a rest of many hours, even many days in some rare cases. Instead of going for total rest, you can also choose something called the active form of recovery in which you do a low-intensity exercise. Jogging, as it turns out, can be a good active recovery exercise. ‍

8. It Reduces Risk of Various Diseases

Overall, jogging reduces the risk of a number of diseases ranging from minor conditions like stomach problems to serious conditions like coronary heart and strokes. It should be mentioned here that jogging reduces the risk of these conditions but does not act as an active form of treatment. ‍

9. It Helps You Sleep Better

While it sounds trivial at first, giving better sleep is actually one of the most important health benefits of jogging. People who have trouble sleeping later develop problems like stress and narcolepsy. ‍

10. It Improves Your Mental Health

Jogging and other aerobic workouts are found to have a great impact on the mental health of people. Many people feel anxious and sad as the sun starts to set. They can get benefits of jogging in the evening by going out in a park and jog to alleviate the symptoms. 


Jogging is not as strenuous as running but yet offers a lot of health benefits of jogging. The best part - you can do other activities like listening to music or podcasts while jogging. There is no best time for jogging, you can choose either to go out in the mornings or the evenings. Just stick to your routine and this low-impact exercise will soon show its results. 

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August 2, 2022

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