28 Best Egg Recipes

1). Egg Zoodles Salad

Zoodles are not noodles but are hydrating juliennes of any vegetables looking like noodles. They are the latest health trend. The simple vegetable and egg salad get a trendy makeover in this egg zoodles salad. Full of flavours and healthy nutrients, this salad is good as a light meal or served as a healthy side for any meal.

2). Breakfast Egg Muffin

Egg muffins are easy and quick to make. They are one of the easiest egg recipes for breakfast. Made with healthy vegetables with a bit of cheese they are low on carbs and high on nutrients. Simple and tasty they are perfect for busy mornings when you are in a hurry but need something healthy and filling.

3). Ranveer Brar's Akuri Egg Frittata

This delicious recipe innovated by Master Chef Ranveer Brar is one of the best egg recipes which blends scrambled akuri and frittata recipes. This dish can be made for breakfast, a light lunch or dinner and served with tomato-coriander chutney and a vegetable salad. Made with a bread base with eggs and vegetables, it is one of the most wholesome egg recipes for breakfast and a complete meal in itself.

4). Egg Quesadilla

This tasty egg recipe is the variety of traditional Quesadillas with a Mexican-touch. Made with whole-wheat tortillas, it has the fillings of healthy mashed beans and omelette. This wholesome dish is perfect for any lunch or dinner or packed into your office lunch with a tangy tomato-pepper dip.

5). Kasundi Egg Curry Rice Bowl

This egg recipe originating in West Bengal is perfect for any house party or special occasions. Boiled eggs in a tangy and thick mustard gravy are best served with jeera brown rice. Simple to cook, this lip-smacking dish is high on proteins and fibres from the brown rice.

6). Masala Egg Toast with Roasted Tomato Chutney

This recipe of masala egg toast is the Indian variation of French toast. Made with vegetables and eggs, this makes for a healthy breakfast or evening snacks. Serve with spicy onion-tomato chutney. For a healthier variation use brown or whole wheat bread instead of sandwich bread.

7). Masala Egg Curry

This classic masala egg curry recipe gets a healthier makeover in this delicious egg recipe. It can be made in a few minutes in a tomato gravy thickened using cashew paste; this dish is full of flavours due to whole spices. Serve it with chapatti, paratha or rice for a wholesome lunch or dinner.

8). How to Poach an Egg

Poached eggs are a staple of American breakfasts and are also used to make eggs benedict. The delicately poached egg is just firm on the outside with the golden yolk hidden inside. The round little package is easy to cook at home and retains most of the health benefits of eggs.

9). Whole Wheat Egg Roll

Egg rolls are popular street food in India. Sold in many states with the local variations, they are one of the most simple egg recipes which are delicious and full of flavours. Make this egg roll with whole wheat chapatti for a healthier variation. Fill it with your choice of vegetables and serve with mint chutney. This is one of the favourite egg recipes for kids. You can cook it and pack it for their school lunch box.

10). Classic Boiled Egg Sandwich

The sandwich is everyone’s favourite. Fill it with another universal favourite: egg; and you have a healthy and tasty dish. Eggs combined with bell peppers and green onion mix and home-made cashew mayo make for a healthy and delicious filling. Serve it for breakfast or pack it for your kid’s school lunch box for a wholesome meal.

11). Egg Ramen Bowl

Ramen bowl is a Japanese dish full of vegetables, noodles, spices and herbs. It is good for the immune system due to the nutrition of its ingredients. Try this healthy dish with eggs at home for a warm and hydrating light wholesome meal.

12). Parsi-Styled Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs get a Parsi style variation in this recipe. This recipe combines flavours of Indian spices and vegetables. You can serve it for breakfast with bread or paratha or make it for lunch with chapatti. Made within minutes, it is good to make on busy mornings and keep it in lunch boxes.

13). Italian Egg & Pepper Sandwich With Tomato Relish

Bored of simple egg and vegetable sandwich? Switch to this Italian sandwich version made with eggs and charred bell peppers. Make a home-made pesto and tomato sauce for authentic Italian flavours. This wholesome sandwich is full of proteins and anti-oxidants.

14). Egg Curry

Wondering what to cook for dinner? Don’t worry, make this light and healthy egg curry with flavorful spices and tomato gravy. Full of protein and other nutrients, this home-style egg curry is best served with chapatti or boiled rice.

15). Turkish Eggs

Turkish eggs are a variation of poached eggs made with hung curd, spices and herbs. This Turkish variation is quick to make and very good as a mid-meal healthy snack or breakfast dish. You can also have it as a main course or side dish.

16). Herbed Potato With Egg

This recipe of herbed potato with egg is very easy to make. It combines the versatile onion, eggs and potato in a savoury taste. Simple to cook and high on flavours, this dish can be eaten as a standalone dish or with chapatti or parantha. You can also serve it as a healthy salad for your meals.

17). Fried Eggs

These are one of those easy egg recipes to make when you are in a hurry or very hungry. It is so simple and quick to make and doesn't require any preparation or too many ingredients. Just pour the eggs in a pan and it's ready to eat. Make it for breakfast or any meal and eat it with bread or paratha.

18). Boiled Egg Sandwich

Tired of simple vegetable sandwiches? Try this healthy and delicious boiled egg sandwich. Full of protein and nutrition this recipe uses eggs with healthy vegetables. Make it in the morning for breakfast or for an office lunch box. It is also good as an after-play snack for your kids.

19). Egg Pepper Fry

This delicious variation of traditional egg fry recipe uses peppers for a more flavourful version. Eggs are roasted in onion- pepper paste with other spices. A delicious dish for any meal from breakfast to dinner, this can be served with chapatti or parantha. You can also serve it as a snack for your house-party.

20). Stuffed Omelette

A delicious and filling variation of the simple omelette, this stuffed omelette is good for times when you want to have a more filling omelette. Eggs are beaten and mixed with fresh vegetables to make an omelette and then filled with bell-pepper, haricot beans and carrot mixture. This recipe is perfect for Sunday brunch or a simple dinner.

21). Breakfast Bread Omelette

Looking for healthy easy egg recipes to kick-start the day? Quick to make with eggs and fresh vegetables, this dish is low on calories and high on nutrients. This breakfast bread omelette is good for office lunch box or school lunch box. Roll it in a parantha if you want to skip the bread.

22). Masala Omelette

We Indians love our food with masalas and spiciness. This masala variation of the simple omelette has vegetables and spiciness. Make it for a filling breakfast and serve with bread or parantha. You can serve it for lunch or dinner with chapatti or rice with a curd side dish.

23). Omelette Curry

Omelettes are a popular breakfast dish. This recipe is a variation of omelettes, turning them into egg recipes for dinner. Chunks of omelette cut and simmered in thick tomato- onion gravy is best served with jeera rice or chapatti.

24). Fluffy Omelette

Want a twist to your regular omelette? Try this fluffy omelette recipe. Simple and quick to make, this uses very few ingredients to make a delicious dish. Serve it with a sautéed vegetable side dish and bread for a wholesome breakfast.

25). Spanish Omelette

This Spanish omelette uses the Indian favourite vegetable potato. This elaborate omelette recipe is full of vegetables and spices. It’s filling to be had alone or with bread for a filling healthy breakfast. This recipe is good for your kid’s too as it has vegetables with eggs.

26). Spinach Bell Pepper Omelette

This omelette recipe uses healthy spinach and bell peppers to make a delicious egg dish. Sautéed bell peppers as a side dish with spinach-stuffed omelette are perfect as a wholesome breakfast option. Serve with a home-made tahini dip and potato wedges.

27). Cheese Mushroom Omelette

Wondering what to make for a healthy and filling breakfast? Make this cheese mushroom omelette. This cheese mushroom omelette is full of proteins and anti-oxidants. This recipe combines the goodness of eggs with the delicious taste of mushroom and cheese. Serve it with toasted brown bread, baked potato wedges and sautéed beans for a complete meal.

28). Omelette In a Mug

This microwave cooking variation of the stove-top omelette is one of the quick egg recipes. Just pour all the ingredients in a mug and microwave to get your delicious omelette in a mug. Eat it with toasted bread for a quick breakfast.

All these delicious easy egg recipes are cooked with healthy ingredients and cooking methods. They are the healthier versions of the traditional recipes by adding and replacing a few ingredients. Make these healthy egg recipes for any meal for your family or house-party and delight your near ones by their lovely taste.

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