Summer is the season when the body tends to lose water at a swift pace because of excessive sweating and hence there is a need for summer drink recipes. Temperatures begin to rise high, leaving the body feeling fatigued and messy. Staying hydrated with summer coolers is the key to keep moving healthy and steathy. Water is the elixir of life, but in order to quench thirst, there are also other best summer drinks to refresh and replenish the body. Easy summer drinks unimaginably beat the heat, and one has to consume such refreshing beverages as the scorching heat starts to affect the system. To make the best summer drinks, do not add sugars and instead substitute them with honey to avoid the ill effects of the sugar ingredient. You can also try some easy summer cocktails as coolers for summer. Below are some of the best summer coolers to try at home and benefit from these refreshing drinks.

List of Summer Drinks

1. Watermelon Sorbet

Ingredients Required

•  Seedless fresh watermelon chunks 3.5 cups
•  Freshly squeezed lime juice 2 teaspoons
•  Warm water ¼ cup
•  Raw honey (optional)


•  Freeze watermelon chunks in a refrigerator on a container with a baking sheet lined inside to make these refreshing drinks.
•  After it freezes overnight, drop them into a food processor and blend them well along with lime juice.
•  Allow it to settle for five minutes in between, permitting it to thaw.
•  Make sure to blend it until it becomes smooth with warm water.
•  Transfer these summer special drinks to a freezer-safe container and freeze for 4 hours until it becomes firm.
•  Serve these healthy summer drinks cold.

2.Cold Coffee

Ingredients Required

•  Instant coffee powder 1 tablespoon
•  Warm water ¼ cup
•  Raw sugar 4 tablespoons
•  Cold milk 2 cups
•  Ice cubes 8 cubes (optional)


•  Take instant coffee, raw sugar, and warm water in a blender and run it at a fast pace until the coffee solution turns out to be frothy to make these refreshing drinks.
•  The colour of the coffee solution must lighten to a less dark shade of brown.
•  At this stage, drop the ice cubes and the number of ice cubes can be altered depending on the desired thickness of the coffee.
•  Then pour the cold milk into it and blend for two more minutes to make the coffee concoction blend evenly and form a nice frothy layer on top. The frothy layer will settle when allowed to sit for some time.
•  If you use whole milk, the coffee will be slightly thick and rich in taste.
•  But one can also make these summer special drinks with skimmed milk or low-fat milk if you want to cut down on calories.
•  Serve these healthy summer drinks by pouring them onto glasses.

3. Orange Ice Dolly

Ingredients Required

•  Orange 3 whole fruits
•  Honey 5 tablespoons
•  Water 2 cups


•  Peel the orange and slice off the edges with an angled knife to make these refreshing summer drinks. Do not cut off the flesh and take care to remove only the peel altogether.
•  Discard the white part of the peel.
•  Cut the flesh of the oranges into big chunks.
•  Take a blender and add all the orange chunks into it with water and honey.
•  Blend them well together until they turn to a smooth paste.
•  Pour the contents into a popsicle mould by taking care that they are all done evenly.
•  Insert wooden sticks into each of the moulds.
•  Please place it in a freezer and let it stay there for at least 8 hours or overnight.
•  Take the frozen candy bar and then serve these best summer drinks cold.

4. Sugar Free Mango Ice Cream

Ingredients Required

•  Ripe mangoes 3 fruits
•  Fresh cream 3 tablespoons
•  Pistachios 20 pieces
•  Saffron 1 pinch
•  Honey 4 tablespoons


•  Clean the mangoes in running water first to make these cool summer drinks. Peel the flesh and discard the seed.
•  Drop the mango flesh into a blender and prepare a mango puree.
•  Leave the mango puree in a bowl and add fresh cream to it.
•  Whisk them together by adding a pinch of saffron.
•  Mix the pistachios to the mixture and pour a little honey to taste.
•  Transfer the contents of these healthy homemade drinks for summer to a freezer-proof container and then leave it overnight for 6 hours until the ice cream is set.
•  Once this summer cooler recipe is done, scoop and serve them with fresh mango cubes. Then drizzle honey on top.
•  Then garnish this summer cooler recipe with slivers of pistachio to taste good.

Health Benefits Of Summer Coolers

The benefits that healthy summer drinks and refreshing drinks bestow to a human system are:

•  These refreshing summer drinks will maximize physical performance because losing as little as 2% of the water content itself will cause impairment in the physical performance. Hydrating the body with homemade summer drinks is seen to prevent this, as these refreshing beverages are also seen to reduce oxidative stress.
•  Summer drink recipes improve brain function and also creates good energy. Drinking summer drinks at home is seen to have an impact on both mood and concentration. And a higher level of water content with healthy homemade drinks for summer is seen to reduce anxiety and fatigue by also improving memory.
•  Cool summer drinks are seen to treat headaches and migraines.
•  Easy summer drinks help in relieving constipation and easing out the difficulty in passing stools.
•  Homemade summer drinks are the best remedy for kidney stones, and higher fluid intake with summer drinks at home will increase the volume of urine, thereby diluting the crystals and reducing the risk of stone formation.
•  These refreshing summer drinks will reduce the headache, thirst, fatigue and dry mouth symptoms after drinking alcohol.
•  Summer drink recipes are seen to aid in weight loss. The metabolic body rate boosts upon the consumption of refreshing beverages that eventually increases the number of burnt calories, thereby losing weight.

The need for refreshing summer drinks and summer cocktails are surely a must during summers to stay hydrated. The health benefits of cool summer drinks are mentioned above. It clearly states that mild dehydration can affect a person physically and mentally, and therefore one needs to set a personal goal of water requirement for a day to take care of the overall health.

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