How to grow a beard faster is a common question that most men have in mind, given the trend of long beards. But the answer to this question could be quite tough, as growing a full luscious beard is not easy. Even though you have a head full of thick hair, growing a beard may not come naturally as there are many challenges. However, beard growth is possible with some dedication and following certain tips. Read below to learn everything about how to grow a beard naturally at home and look stylish.

How To Grow Beard Faster And Naturally?

Growing a full beard needs a lot of patience, and it is more like watching grass grow. Facial hair starts to break out during puberty. Boys start to sport a mustache and a few strands of chin hair before all the beard springs to the surface. Young adults continue to have scant hair until they are in their late 20's. The major role played in bread growth is genetics and hormones. Testosterone is the hormone that is needed for facial hair growth. These levels vary from one person to another. A normal range for men in the age group of 19 and 38 is between 264 ng/dL and 916 ng/dL. But if it falls below the range it can affect beard growth. Look for a trichologist near me and take suggestions on supplements to help achieve beard growth. For some men whose hormone levels fall in the normal range but are unable to grow faster. The answer lies in your genes! If you are genetically predisposed to have a sparse beard, then supplements may not help. Other factors that could affect your ethnicity and heredity. Though the growth depends on so many factors, there are many things that you can do to improve facial hair and encourage its growth. 

Different Stages of beard growth

1. Clean shave

This is week 0 after you have had a clean shave. Once you have shaved, ensure that the skin is clean and exfoliated. That helps in not only prevent acne and pimples but also encourages hair follicles to grow.

2. Stubble

This can range from 0 to 2 weeks, and this is the stage where a scruff starts to develop and slowly a beard starts to grow. Even at this stage, exfoliate the skin to grow a beard faster.

3. Itchy

In 2 to 8 weeks, your beard starts to itch, which is the stage where most people give up and go back to clean shave. To prevent itching, hydrate the beard with some cream or oil.

4. Baby beard

At 8 to 16 weeks, the length of the beard starts to increase, and it looks healthy if you have followed the beauty regimen. You can trim and shape it to give it a stylish look.

5. The adult beard

After the baby beard stage, the chin is not visible as the beard is fully formed. You can allow it to grow until it reaches the desired length and shape. Ensure it is hydrated and also cleaned daily to grow the beard faster.

How To Grow A Beard Naturally?

Grow beard faster in a safe and natural can be achieved by following the below beard growth tips:

1. Diet

Eating right is also beneficial for beard growth apart from physical health.

2. Protein

As it contains the nutrients needed for the beard to grow. Foods like eggs, chicken, fish, and beef are good for facial hair growth.

3. Fruits and vegetables

A balanced diet should contain fruits and vegetables. The best foods for beards are oranges, spinach, nuts, potatoes, raisins, kale, etc.

4. Vitamins

These help in building the hair follicles, especially those that have stopped regrowth. Include enough beard growth vitamins like vitamin D as it can activate the receptors in follicles.

5. Exercise

Regular exercise is a healthy lifestyle that improves overall health and also aids to grow a beard faster. It also boosts testosterone levels which encourages hair growth.

6. Sleep

This is another important aspect that has to be considered when growing facial hair. Testosterone in the body is released during sleep and hence having a good quality snooze helps in beard growth. Also, getting enough sleep boosts blood circulation, which promotes hair growth.

7. Washing and moisturizing

Keeping skin clean and moisturized has a positive effect on the way the board looks and facial hair growth. Keep the pores exfoliated so that all the debris and the dead skin are removed. This helps in reducing ingrown hair from appearing under the beard. To keep the beard moisturized you can use creams, oils, or lotions suited for your skin and beard type.

8. Destress

Stress releases cortisol that can make the hair fall out while affecting the overall health. Hence you should manage stress and get good sleep to repair the damaged skin cells and grow your beard faster.

Myths of Growing Beard

Myth: Shaving hair makes it grow quicker Reality: There is no evidence to show that shaving makes facial hair grow faster. Other factors contribute to it. Myth: A beard stimulator helps hair growth Reality: Biotin and other nutrients help in hair health, but oils, serums, and pills have shown no evidence of aiding beard growth. Myth: Beards itch Reality: It happens only during the growth phase and is a problem of not grooming more than anything else. Myth: Beards are a dirty reality: Beards are dirty only when you allow them to get dirty. Wash it regularly using a beard wash to remove any traces of dirt.

How long does it take to Grow a Beard?

Despite following the beard growth tips, the duration varies from person to person. It grows faster for some and not so for others. Generally, an average growth of half an inch per month can be expected. Bear in mind that scalp hair grows slower than facial hair, and hence it can take up to four months to grow a full beard. Also, there is an age factor involved in how long it takes. Beards tend to grow quicker and thicker in men in the age group of 20 to 40 as they have high testosterone levels. If you start to grow a beard later, there is a decrease in testosterone levels and it may take longer. The rate of growth and its fullness depends on age, genetics, and testosterone. But staying healthy, and active, taking beard growth vitamins from natural sources, getting good quality sleep, and following the beard growth tips helps beard growth. If you cannot grow it at home naturally, book an appointment with a dermatologist near me.

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