Beards have always been fashionable and have gained even more popularity in the last few years. What has led to this trend being always in vogue is that for sporting a great beard, you dont need to spend hours maintaining it. Beard care is incredibly simple and these incredibly simple beard growth and maintenance tips are all you need to have an enviable beard.Did you know that a beard serves some practical purposes besides making you look great? These include:

  • Beards protect your skin from the suns harmful UV rays. This prevents sunburns and the ensuing premature aging.
  • Acting as a filter, it prevents dust and pollen from entering your lungs. This is especially beneficial for people suffering from respiratory diseases.
  • Maintaining a beard is easier than shaving each day. It helps save time especially when you are running between a thousand things.

Why cant you grow a beard?

Before we talk about how to grow a beard naturally at home, it is important to know the reasons that hamper your beard growth. If you are someone for whom growing a beard is an impossible task, you need to know these factors before we answer your question of how to grow a beard faster naturally at home:

  • Aging: Men in their 20s and 30s have better coverage of facial hair thats thicker and denser. As you age, your hair growth naturally slows down.
  • Genetics: The thickness of your beard is primarily dependent on your genes, particularly androgens that determine your ability to grow facial hair. Thats not all, your genes also decide how thick and coarse your beard will be.
  • Medical conditions: One of the major medical conditions that affect your beard growth is alopecia areata. This is an autoimmune disorder where your bodys hair follicles are attacked by your body. This causes your facial hair to fall out in patches.
  • Low testosterone levels: Some people with extremely low levels of testosterone levels find growing a beard extremely difficult to grow a beard.

What are some tips and tricks to grow a beard naturally at home?

Wondering how to grow a beard naturally at home? It primarily depends on reasons that you cannot control, one of the main deciding factors being your enzyme 5-alpha reductase that converts your testosterone into a hormone known as DHT. This hormone attaches itself to your hair follicles helping them grow. Since no supplements can answer your question on how to grow a mustache faster at home naturally, change the way your hair follicles react to DHT, you need to rely on some natural ways to support your beard growth. Here are some great ways that will answer all your queries on how to grow a beard naturally at home faster?

1. How to grow a beard naturally at home through dietary changes?

Wondering how to grow a beard faster naturally at home? Your diet is an important factor that decides if you will grow a beard and for how long will it stay. Include foods that contain vitamins A, B, C, D, and E along with zinc, good carbohydrates, lean proteins, healthy fats, and iron. So the next time you think about how to fix a patchy beard naturally at home, sit down to eat, choose more of chicken, avocado, salmon, nuts, chickpeas, fish, eggs, plant-based milk, dairy, whole grain bread, etc.

2. How to grow a beard naturally at home faster through exercise?

Whether you are an adult or younger wondering about how to grow a beard faster for teenagers home remedies, exercising is the best way to do so. Though it may sound quite disconnected, exercise does help in beard growth. While thinking about how to grow a beard faster naturally at home for teenagers, know that working out boosts your metabolism that not just slows you down but causes weight gain and improves the levels of testosterone in your body. Not just this, exercising also boosts your blood circulation that is essential for the production of healthy cells. These stimulate your hair follicles and make facial hair grow.Opt for weight training and high-intensity interval training to gain all these benefits.

3. How to grow a beard naturally at home through lifestyle changes?

Thinking about how to grow a beard faster naturally at home for teenagers and what has your lifestyle got to do with it? Well, it sure does. One of the most important things in how to grow a beard faster for teenager home remedies that affect the production of testosterone levels in your body is how much sleep do you get. Less sleep means lower levels of DHT for your beard hair receptors, which in turn results in slower or no beard growth.Another critical thing while thinking about how to grow a mustache faster at home naturally is to quit smoking. The chemicals in tobacco smoke cause damage to your blood vessels and their DNA, which are responsible for your hair follicles health. When you quit smoking, you prevent inflammation and damage of blood vessels that increase your chances of facial hair growth.Take a hair fall test at your trichologist near me. This way, you can get professional guidance on how to grow a beard naturally at home.

4. How to grow a beard naturally at home through personal care?

Whenever you think about how to grow a beard faster for teenager home remedies, think about personal care and hygiene and keeping your skin clean. Clogged pores filled with dirt and oils obstruct hair growth. To kickstart the growth of beard hair, cleanse your skin daily. Top this with exfoliation that will help remove dead cells promoting faster hair growth. 

What are some tips for beard maintenance and care?

Once your question on how to grow a beard naturally at home has been answered and you have successfully grown a great crop, its time to learn how to maintain it. You need to ask yourself about how to fix a patchy beard naturally at home. Here are some great tips:

  • Trim your beard regularly to make it look neater.
  • Never neglect beard care. Go beyond just washing your face with water and shampooing your beard. Follow it up with a conditioner.
  • Use good quality products such as beard oils and gels.
  • Visit your dermatologist near me regularly to prevent hair fall.

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