It is very important to exercise regularly and keep our bodies fitter, more active, and energetic. If you wish to strengthen your back, engage in back exercises at home with dumbbells. It is very impactful and works on the back muscles to make them stronger. Dumbbells are a popularly used exercise tool that works on various joint-isolation exercises. It can also be used for full-body workouts and multi-planer movements. When going for a back workout at home with dumbbells, you can look forward to muscle growth, activation of different muscles, improvement in muscle flexibility and force, and promote stability and coordination for joints and muscles. Here, we discuss different ways you can work on your back and strengthen its muscles.

Yoga For Lower Back

Yoga is an age-old practice and is very effective in ensuring high energy levels and excellent fitness. Yoga for lower back gives excellent results. There are a lot of yoga asanas that work on back muscles. Some of these asanas are-

  • Cat and Cow Pose- It is a very simple but effective yoga pose. In this pose, go on your fours, take your ribcage above, bring your chin to the chest, and look at your navel. Now, exhale and dip your ribcage and lookup. Repeat this pose several times, and you will find a lot of relief in your condition.
  • Cobra Pose- It is an equally effective yoga for flexibility. Lie on your stomach and lift your upper body to your navel. Look up and keep your arms straight. Hold the position for some time to feel a good stretch with these back exercises at home with dumbbells.

Back Workout at Home With Dumbbells

If you wish to engage in a back workout at home with dumbbells, here are a few exercises that can be added to your daily workout regimen.

1. Bridges

Bridges are one of the most effective back workout at home with dumbbells. In this exercise, lie on your back and bend your knees. Your feet must be hip-width apart placed flat on the floor. Now, lift your buttocks until the body is straight with the knees and shoulders. Hold the position and feel the stretch. Usually, the side's arms are placed when they are in a bridge position, but dumbbells can also be used. Hold dumbbells in each hand and keep your arms straight above when in the bridge position. Keep your buttocks squeezed when pushing your hips up. Now, come down gently, rest for some time, and repeat the exercise.

2. Dumbbell Row

It is one of the best back home workout with dumbbells. It also works on rhomboids and laterals. When doing this exercise, place your knee and hand on a platform for support. Bring a dumbbell close to your chest using your other hand and use your shoulders and back muscles to lift it.  Keep your muscles squeezed when bringing it up, and keep your chest still. Repeat this exercise several times for good impact.

3. Incline Row

It is a variation of dumbbell row exercise. It is slightly tough as an incline bench is used for this back dumbbell workout at home. Working out on this incline bench helps keep your torso and chest still and glued to the bench bringing more power and strength to the back muscles.

4. Elevated Plank Row Hold

It is an advanced version of regular plank hold. Instead of placing your elbows on the floor, keep one of the elbows on an elevated platform, lift your other arm holding the dumbbell up, bring it closer to the chest, and then take it back to the original position. Repetition of this exercise help in building a stronger mind and body connection. Add this exercise to your back home workout with a dumbbells regimen and enjoy a stronger and powerful back.

5. Renegade Row

It is a good back dumbbell workout at home. When practising these classic back exercises at home with dumbbells, ensure that your movement is complete and your posture is correct. It will blast energy into your upper body. Go into the hand plank position with dumbbells in both hands. Your arms must be straight below your shoulders. Go into a pushup, come back and lift one arm holding the dumbbell. Repeat this exercise with the other hand. This combination of a pushup with a dumbbell is perfect for enhancing your fitness levels. It is also a good exercise to be added to your back and bicep workout at home with dumbbells.

6. Towel-grip Dumbbell Row

It is an impactful exercise that also leaves a lot of impact on the back muscles. Whether you use a barbell or a dumbbell, it can be done using both. The challenge in this back workout at home with dumbbells and barbell is that you need to hold the barbell with a tight grip which works on your arm muscles and keep it balanced when lifting it for row exercise. You need to lift these tools in a controlled movement and keep it at a level for greater impact.

7. Farmer's Carry

If you are a beginner looking for a dumbbell back home workout, this exercise is perfect for you. You need to hold dumbbells in both your hands and walk with your back and arms completely straight. Engage your muscles to experience a greater impact. It is also one of the best stretching exercises.

8. Standing Wide Row

This dumbbell back home workout exercise works on your leg, calves, thighs, and back muscles, all at the same time. Hold a dumbbell in your hand and come into the squat position. Flex your knees and ensure that it is not beyond your feet. Come back to the standing position and repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

9. Deadlift

This is also one of the results-oriented back exercises at home dumbbells. The beginners can also do this efficient exercise. Hold dumbbells in your hands in a firm grip, flex your hips and knees, lower the dumbbells straight down, hold the position for a few seconds, and come back straight up. Repeat this exercise a few times.  

10. Bend to Opposite foot

In this back exercise dumbbell at home, you need to hold a dumbbell in one hand and stand straight. Now lower your back and touch the arm holding the dumbbell with the opposite foot. Hold the position and come back. Repeat the back exercises at home with dumbbells with the other hand. Increase repetitions gradually and get a stronger and powerful back.

All these back exercises at home with dumbbells are easy to perform at home without any need for trainer supervision. The focus must be on the right and controlled movement to get the best results. It is important to exercise regularly and keep yourself fit and active. Engage in any form of exercise ideally suitable for you but focus on maintaining consistency. Even if you cannot spend a lot of time exercising, staying consistent can give you excellent results. Dumbbells are one of the most popular tools used in a gym. Invest in a pair of good-quality dumbbells and engage in a variety of back exercises at home. This way, you can exercise without having to step out from the comfort of your home.

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