When we hear the word Yoga, the first thing that generally comes to our mind is a set of body movements and various poses. But this is only a small part of the bigger picture. To understand it, lets get to the basics - the meaning of the word Yoga. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yuj which basically means to unite. What do we have to unite with? With ourselves, or something bigger, greater than ourselves? The answer lies in spiritual yoga. It is the branch of yoga that is lesser-known but has immense benefits. Of course, physical yoga has its own benefits but spiritual yoga is the one that helps us to unite.You may already know the physical, emotional health benefits of yoga, but the spiritual benefits of yoga are very less talked. In this guide, we will tell you the benefits of yoga, spiritually. First, lets see how spiritual yoga can help you in general, and then well go the benefits of some specific forms of spiritual yoga.

What Are Spiritual Yoga Benefits?

1. Awareness

Often in distress, we start asking ourselves some existential questions like why are we here, and what is the meaning of the things we do in our lives? These questions keep haunting us even when the time of distress passes away. Spiritual yoga benefits in such a situation. It gives awareness that eventually gives us the answer to all the questions.

2. Exploration of energy

The seven chakras of energy in our body can be explored, activated, and balanced with the help of spiritual yoga. In fact, since time immemorial, yogis have been using spiritual yoga to activate their chakras of energy

3. Inner peace 

The emotional health benefits of spiritual yoga are immense. Within a few days of practicing spiritual yoga, people start saying yes to life. Not only your spiritual energy, but yoga also helps you manage emotions in life.

4. Gratitude

The physical and materialistic power gained in life can make a person oblivious to other people. Spiritual helps you in staying humble and practice gratitude.

5. Self-care

 In a fast-moving world, people not only leave behind their morals and their loved ones, but they also forget about themselves. Spiritual yoga makes a person meet him or herself again. It makes a person remember that self-care is as important as caring about your most beloved thing in life.

6. Physical benefits

This might sound confusing for a second. How can spiritual yoga benefit a persons health? Isnt that the work of physical yoga? But, however confusing it might sound, it is true that spiritual yoga has its own physical benefits. A person who practices spiritual yoga on a daily basis also starts caring about the body since it is the medium that helps in retaining our spiritual energy.

7. Experiencing life

 A spiritually aware person starts seeing, smelling, and sensing more of the environment he or she lives in. Spiritual yoga helps you in seeing what you used to ignore all this while; the minute things, the small life changes, and phenomena that might go neglected by the naked eyes.

What Is the List of Spiritual Yoga Asana?

These were some general physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga that you will get, no matter what specific type of yoga you are performing. But there some specific benefits of performing each type of spiritual yoga. 

Heres a list of some spiritual yogas and their benefits:

1. Sirsasana

Sirasana is a type of yoga that has an equal number of physical and spiritual benefits. While this yoga is famous for only its physical benefits, it is worth having a look at sirsasana spiritual benefits. 

Here is a list of spiritual benefits that sirasana provides:

  1. Since mastering sirasana takes a lot of physical discipline, doing this yoga teaches the value of discipline in life. What seems easy-going in the first place might require a lot of effort if your mind and soul are not prepared enough.
  2. Sirsasna gives a whole new perspective of looking at the world. The one who practices sirasna no longer believes the world view that is given by society.

2. Surya namaskar

The list of Surya namaskar's spiritual benefits is endless. This yoga is the perfect example of why Yoga is named after to unite. If you practice Surya namaskar with a spiritual bent, this yoga will connect you with your surroundings. Yoga is in practice for thousands of years for its vast spiritual benefits. Not only does it channel the energy of the god of light - the Sun, but it also makes us unite with the power of existence itself. 

To get full benefits, one should also chant the following mantras while performing Surya Namaskar:

  1. Om Suryaya Namaha
  2. Om Mam Mitraya Namaha
  3. Om Sam Suryaya Namaha

3. Chit Shakti Meditation

Created by Sadhguru, Chat shakti a yoga-cum-meditation. It encourages a person to build a desirable life by using mind-power. While it may sound very hard to do, Sadhguru makes it very easy to perform by walking along with you on the journey of Chit Shakti. 

The benefits of Chit Shakti meditations cover four areas of life, namely:

  1. Health
  2. Love
  3. Peace
  4. Success

The main benefit of having a mentor is that you do not get lost in the midway of your journey to spirituality. And this journey becomes more special when your fellow traveler is someone like Sadhguru.

Final Words

The list of benefits of spiritual yoga can go on and on. But the benefits we have mentioned above should be enough to convince you that spiritual yoga is something that should not be missed, especially in a world where our lifestyles take our mental space from us. If you get overwhelmed with which spiritual to choose, or how to get started Cult.Fit can help you. We have a number of spiritual yoga training courses like Meditation - Stress Reduction, Chit Shakti Meditation, and others that work very well for people who want a mentor to teach them the intricacies of spiritual yoga. To know more about our courses on spirituality and other forms of yoga, go to our website or download the app.

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