When our emotional health is in a bad state, so is our level of self-esteem. We have to slow down and deal with what is troubling us so that we can enjoy the simple joy of being happy and at peace with ourselves. This quote by Jess C Scott has never gained more importance than the present. When an unprecedented pandemic like the Coronavirus shook the world, the importance of emotional health became all the more significant. Social relations and interaction form the foundation of emotional intelligence and emotional regulation. With daily life dwindling to online sessions and office hours being reduced to work from home, the virus has taken life for a roller coaster ride. From meeting new people at the office to now zoom calling them, friendships are now confined to the four walls of our home. This sudden change in lifestyle is bound to have immense effects on our physical and emotional wellness. While aiming to achieve the zenith of success, emotional well-being often takes a backseat and it is time we focus on our inner self and in the development as an individual. It is not enough if we preach about mental health, what is integral is how we attain it. Witnessing nothing but instability around, it is indeed tedious to maintain a schedule and stick to it. But if there is a will, there is a way and this situation is nothing different. The very hope that things will shape to be better in the future is not enough. Being able to handle both positivity and negativity equally and to take decisions appropriately is the essence of emotional well-being. Even when adversities are thrown at you, being emotionally healthy can get you to the other end of the tunnel. The articles and sessions stating its relevance are several, but do we pay attention to it? We take it for granted, even when we see people being destroyed ruthlessly because they were unable to strike a balance between work-life and the emotional effects of stress. So, let us narrow down to the basics! Before that, it is vital to clear the misconceptions associated with mental health. Devoid of negative feelings does not imply in any way that you are emotionally healthy, rather it is the ability to handle the ups and downs and to take life forward that forms the foundation of emotional wellness. First of all, it is integral to set aside time and analyze the changes that have taken place. What was life six months back and where is it now? All of us, irrespective of age, are struggling to adjust with the new normal and therefore this retrospection is of prime importance. From waking up early and exercising to sleeping at 3 am, we have gone through it all. The isolation from the virus, which indirectly is isolation from our kith and kin is stressing us. So, to overcome all this, we must make a list of the changes that have happened. Of these, there will be ones to be discarded and a few of them to be retained. Identify those, and all the habits and thoughts that trigger mental stress need to be dumped. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, with that extra effort it is possible too! After the analysis, if you feel that this mundane life and the unexpected change is doing more harm than good, let us get to deal with that.

What are some tips for emotional wellness?

Feelings can bring out the best in you and knowing how to manage it is the first step to success. There are few tips to maintain composure even when the nerves are wrecking.


Imagine, instead of replying to the notifications immediately when the eyes open, how effective it would be if you could meditate for thirty minutes? Or at least listening to peaceful music such that your inner self is relaxed? Emotional intelligence is a process, and therefore even a small step towards betterment is appreciable. Get used to starting your day serene rather than a mess.


Suffocated after sitting at home for hours, days, and even months? Train yourself those habits that your busy life didn't give you. Keep aside at least 30-40 minutes for exercise. Depending on your choice, it can be a simple jog, an intensive workout session, or a long, peaceful hour of yoga. There might be days when you feel like skipping, but never miss out on exercise. Regular exercise has numerous advantages than we perceive. Apart from reducing health risks, it benefits emotional wellness remarkably. Staying physically fit can help in the attainment of emotional health and relieves the effects of stress with ease.

Foster connections  

During these times, when it is difficult to have real interactions, rely on the next best option. With technology ramping up, staying connected is easier than ever! Whether it be an office call or talking to your friend miles away, technology provides you with an option. Feel free to talk to your close friends and family and include spending quality time with them on your to-do list. This can boost your emotional health drastically.

Find your true passion

What do you like? What is your goal? These questions puzzle us always. Know yourself better for that can take you a long way. If painting is what you love, make time to do that portrait you have always wanted to do or finish reading that book that was left midway. Being mindful is the key to find your true passion. Focusing, executing, and improving only one thing at a time can kick-start the journey towards emotional health. The point is to be consistent with your mindfulness practice and dedicate even just a few minutes to something you enjoy.

Take a break

Social media can be informative and addictive. With a smartphone for everyone, Instagram and WhatsApp have invaded your mind and held you in its clutches. People constantly updating news or some random story can affect your morale significantly. Thoughts such as am I good enough or why I am not successful can creep into you and disturb your emotional health. So, when you feel all of this is taking a toll on you, adopt a social media detox. Refrain from checking your phone every five minutes and give your mind the much-needed break.

Get quality sleep

Prefer a good night's sleep over any other entertainment that might lure you. Sacrificing sleep makes you more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. With the sudden arrival of the pandemic, many of them binge watch Netflix or play games until 4 am. Keeping aside the instant gratification you get, have you given it a thought as to how it affects your overall well-being? Making you look tired and dull from the outside and draining you of all the positivity from inside, it worsens physical, mental, and emotional health considerably.

Talk to therapists

If you are unable to handle the situation single-handedly, never shy from seeking professional medical help. Some people think it is not right to consult a doctor. Well, break away from those conventional shackles as this modern era has everything you want at your fingertip. All that you ever have to do is seize any opportunity that guarantees self-enhancement. Doctors, who are well-versed in the subjects of psychology and mental health, can help you out. Attend the sessions delivered and get insights to deal stress and anxiety of today's times effectively All the above-mentioned emotional well-being activities need some time to be inculcated but with the right amount of patience and determination, it can get you the supreme emotional health you have always desired! Fretting about emotional health can disturb you, so no matter how hard the situation intensifies, stay positive and say to yourself, This too shall pass!

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July 18, 2022
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