Whether it was a three-month relationship or one that lasted for three years, breakups can leave you heartbroken, frustrated, and exhausted both mentally and physically. You may spiral down to the breakup thoughts reasons why it happened, what went wrong and how you can sort it back. But amidst all these thoughts after breakup, finding peace seems like a distant star in the sky. While there is still no magic formula to vanish all the sadness, tears, and loneliness, there are some tips on how to handle a breakup effectively. We have jotted top ways that can help you put the breakup thoughts back in your mind and get ready to move on. Read and try:

Take The Opportunity to Indulge in Self Care

You have given your attention and time to your relationship long enough. It is time to make yourself the priority. Take this chance to rebuild yourself. Come out of the sad breakup thoughts and visit the spa or parlor to get the pedicure you wanted to the new hair cut you always wanted. You can also turn on your favorite music or binge-watch the new web-series on Netflix with a bottle of wine instead of being sad at the thought of breakup. Some other things you can try to break away from the thoughts about breakup are:

•  Read a book
•  Start gardening or knitting
•  Listen to upbeat music and dance
•  Burn a fresh candle and soothe your mind
•  Remind yourself of all the good things you have in life
•  Write It Out

Now when we say you have to get away from the breakup thoughts, this doesnt mean suppressing or avoiding your emotions. After a breakup, you experience a rush of emotions. There will be anger, sadness, feeling of rejection, loneliness, and nostalgia. Not giving enough thoughts about breakup and side-lining them will ultimately prevent you from moving past them. One of the best ways to deal with sad breakup thoughts is to write them down. Let yourself feel it all without judging yourself. Be kind to yourself and write your thoughts after breakup in a journal. You can also write a hate mail to your ex but dont send it. It is just or your own healing. If writing is not your cup of tea, turn to painting or dancing or just crying it out. Once you have processed out the excess emotions, you will gain clarity and see why the relationship didnt work or why you are better off without your ex.

Eat Heathy and Sleep Well

Its quite natural to go on a breakup diet but that would mean being too harsh on yourself. Instead, take this time to eat the healthiest of food and give your body the proper nutrition. Breakup thoughts leave you mentally as well as physically ill. This can further put you down in the well of sorrows. And if that happens, no article on how to deal with a breakup can help you. The same goes for sleeping. You may be overthinking with your brain filled with hundreds of breakup thoughts, but try and take enough sleep. Also, do not oversleep as that too can make you lazy and lethargic.

Connect With Your Loved Ones

Breakups hurt a lot and that is why you dont really need to go through it all again. Connect with your friends or family and seek the support you need. Talk to them about your breakup thoughts and we are sure it is going to be a helpful step. Go on a long drive with your friends or just spend the day enjoying a chill picnic at the nearby park. Your friends will help you realize your worth and how happy and satisfied you were even before you met your ex. Nothing feels better than enjoying the days with your best friends and unburden your past from any thought for breakup.

Go Out and Explore

Ever been to the club and danced all night? Or never been on a solo trip before? It is time that you do everything and not mull over the breakup thoughts. Even experts suggest that you need to pick your pieces and regain your self-concept after a breakup to be on a better path. So, meet new friends, join the book club, or hike the mountains. It can be anything that gives new thrill and excitement to your life. Now, do not expect that this exploration will magically remove all the breakup thoughts from your head. It is just a step in the process. Be patient and things will eventually work out.

Maintain Distance For a While

Not all breakups end up with tears, heartbreaks, and arguments. Some are mutually decided but that doesnt mean you will not feel bad about breakup thoughts. So, no matter how good your relationship has been with your ex and you both want to stay friends even after, try to maintain some distance. Take at least 1-3 months before getting in contact. Otherwise, you will end up being more confused about the relationship. And even when you meet later, set up some boundaries to make sure you dont end up being in an awkward position.

Join a Gym or Do Yoga

Breakups are also a good time to put some effort into your body. So, get your endorphins pumping with some cardio in your daily routine. It will not just get your body back in shape but also lower down your stress level leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. In case of exercising seems too much, a simple run can also boost your mood and provide a healthy distraction from your worries. Other than gym and exercises, you can also turn to yoga for relieving yourself from breakup thoughts. There are various types of yoga for relaxation that help you stay calm and attain balanced thinking. It can also help you get positive thoughts after breakup and look forward to a better future.

Block Them On Social Media

Even if you follow all those steps but once you are on social media, and you see one photo of your ex having fun and its all down the drain. Social media is actually a place where you get caught in the endless hole of stalking and unhealthy fixation. It also increases your chances of falling into breakup depression.So, be strong and block them on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. This will ensure you dont end up in never-ending breakup thoughts after coming across your exs happy pictures or life updates.

Sign Up For Therapy

Sometimes breakups can lead to much more than breakup thoughts, especially if it was a serious one with you making plans for the future. In such cases, you can turn to therapy. This also works if you wish to go for relationship healing. The therapist will teach you how to deal with a breakup and cope with breakup depression. They can also help in addressing any guilt or self-blame that often comes after a toxic relationship ends. You will gradually have stress awareness and come to terms with your breakup thoughts.

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