Meditation is an ancient practice that brings a balance between your mind, body, and soul. There are several different types of meditation practices practiced across the globe. Chanting Aum or Om during meditation is known as OmMeditation. This mediation method combines your breath and sound to help you relax and focus on your inner self.Om is more than just a sound that is chanted during meditation. It is believed to be the first sound that emerged after the creation of the universe. The practice of aum chanting during meditation helps connect you to the original source of creation. When Om mantra meditation is done properly, the om sound pulsates from your pelvic floor all the way up to the crown of your head, thereby filling your body with pulsating energy that will radiate tranquillity as well as empower you simultaneously.

How-To Guide: Om Meditation

The Om meditation technique needs to be practiced carefully to achieve all the various benefits its offers. Let's take a close look at how to start Om chanting meditation:

•  The first step to starting Om meditation is to sit in the Vajrasana, also known as the Lotus pose. In case you are not able to find a comfortable spot on the floor to do this pose, you can also use a chair to sit. You need to keep your back straight and erect and your hands on either side of your thighs or knees. The point to sitting in the pose is to make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Then sit peacefully and clear your head.
•  Then slowly close your eyes or glance towards the ground or floor.
•  The next step involves focusing on the breathing pattern you need to breathe naturally with your mouth closed. Ensure that you inhale and exhale only through your nose. Your jaw muscles need to be relaxed with your lower and upper teeth slightly parted. Remember now to clench your teeth. Focus on inhaling and exhaling without adding any frills to the process.
•  Once you have your breathing pattern in place, it is time to start aum chanting. You need to fit the Om chant during your breath duration. Elongate the word om by focusing on the first sound and then keep your mouth wide open as you move on to the last part of the om sound by keeping your lips together as you chant. Then stay silent till it is time to repeat the chant.
•  Continue the aum meditation while you ensure that you are in sync with your breath. You will soon fall into a cycle of chanting and find your body and mind relaxing gradually. Focusing on your inner self during Om meditation will help you improve your meditation technique and reap all the benefits it offers.

As you sink deeper into Om medication, the vibrations will become subtle and softer, like a whisper, and soon become silent. That is when you will realize that aum is present around you and active in your body. You will also notice that your breath has slowed down and become light due to the power of meditation.Unlike other meditation techniques, you do not focus on any particular part of your body during Ommeditation. Although your mind may waver, you will always find it turning back to the chanting. You can always make a mental note of the things your mind wavers to during meditation and come back to it afterward when you are calm and peaceful.

Benefits Offered By Om Meditation

Just like other meditation techniques, Om chanting meditation offers various benefits as seen below:

•  Om chanting meditation will bring you tranquillity, serenity, peace, and calm.
•  If you feel lost, Om meditation will help you come closer to your true self and nature.
•  Om meditation works wonders in making people more open-minded and able to treat others with respect and without any prejudice.
•  It is extremely healing and will keep you healthy and fit.
•  Om meditation will improve your spinal cord strength.
•  Morning meditation with Om chanting will rid your body of all the toxins that have built up.
•  Om meditation improves concentration and the ability to focus.
•  It will improve your heart health.
•  It works wonders in keeping your stress and anxiety levels under control.
•  You will experience a more cheerful disposition.
•  Om meditation helps you regain better control over your emotions, enabling you to react more calmly and peacefully.
•  It will impart a glow to your face.
•  It helps clear hormonal imbalance issues.

Some Additional Facts About Om Meditation

•  Although Om meditation has its root in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, the word OM does not have any religious connotations. It is believed to be the first sound made during the creation of the universe. When you utter this sound, it helps your body reconnect to the Universe bringing you peace and tranquillity.
•  There is no steadfast rule that you have to follow vegetarianism in order to practice Om Namah Shivaya meditation.
•  Om meditation does not require any additional accessories beyond a mat and a clear mind.
•  Practicing Om Shanti meditation every day is the best way to avoid the many benefits offered by meditation. You can start initially by meditating twice or thrice a week and then generally extending it to the other days of the week.
•  Remember to wear loose and comfortable clothes for a meditation session.

Om meditation is also extremely beneficial to improve your mental health. In the modern world, people tend to lose their way to depression and other mental ailments. This is mostly due to too much exposure to negativity. Fortunately, Buddha meditation and Om meditation can help them overcome this phase in life. Meditating regularly helps people get closer to their inner self and experience positivity. This makes them more willing to face challenges life throws their way. Bringing positivity into your life through Om chanting also brings positivity to the people around you. It is time to take the first step to improve your mental well-being and that of your loved ones as well.Since Om is considered the basic sound of the universe, chanting it during your meditation session is sure to fill your body with positivity, tranquillity, and a sense of calm. If you have been experiencing too much stress in life as you try to keep up with the rat race called life, it is time to slow down and take a deep breath. Studies have shown that stress is more often than not the cause behind many life-threatening ailments like high blood pressure, heart ailments, and diabetes. You can overcome these health issues by bringing your stress and anxiety levels down. This is where Chit shakti meditation and Om meditation can help you out. Once you start meditating daily, you will notice a huge difference in your persona. You will have more patience even when you deal with difficult situations. You will also find it easier to forgive and have a better outlook towards the future. If you plan to live a long, happy and healthy life, it is time to make Om meditation a regular part of your routine. Take some time to dig deep and relate to your inner self as you revel in the hidden secrets of the universe.

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