Snatch exercise is nothing but a power workout! It requires time, speed and strength to master the move. However, it isn't easy to perform and not suitable for beginners. Snatch exercise benefits an individual only when it is performed in proper form. You can do any power snatch exercise with a barbell, kettlebell and dumbbell. Therefore, it is an ideal home workout if you have sufficient space in your house. Let us look into the various variations of the snatch exercise and its benefits in this article.

Snatch Exercise Variations

The variations are essential to work the same muscles and gain better results in a varied manner. Thus, the types of exercises to improve snatch are:

1. Dumbbell Snatch Workout

This dumbbell workout activates the lower body muscles, especially the hamstrings, triceps, and glutes. It activates your core muscles and stabilises your body as you perform the exercise. This is an excellent workout if you do it properly and start by having the shoulders back apart with the dumbbells between the feet. Then with the chest protruding out, have your eyes face straight, and spine erect throughout the DB snatch exercise. Now push your hips and squat with the knees bent. Grab the dumbbell and reach far behind overhead without hunching or looking down. The next step in a dumbbell snatch exercise is to rotate the shoulder and elbow outside. Then with the shins perpendicular to the floor, stand up powerfully with both the glutes and the legs. Use momentum here to raise the dumbbell in a straight line vertically. This motion will resemble the zipping of a jacket. The following step in a DB snatch exercise is to pull back the dumbbell towards the chest and flip the elbow. Then press the dumbbell upwards just like punching to be above the head with the arms straight. Finally, return to the starting position of the dumbbell snatch workout, lower the dumbbells by having the elbow parallel with the shoulders. Hinge the hips as you do this by reducing the weight further to the floor. The proper way to perform any dumbbell snatch exercise is by avoiding the swinging motion too quickly as it will affect the rotator cuffs and permanently injure them. Dumbbell snatch benefits upper body strength as it extensively works the muscles in the shoulders, arms, and elbows. Another simple tip here is that if your body parts are struggling while performing these exercises to improve snatch, you are not doing it correctly. Keep in mind to maintain your core tight with the body stable throughout the entire workout. Make it a point to start only with lighter weights and then increase it as you master the snatch pull exercise. Try attempting at least 2 sets with 5 reps on both sides.

2. Kettlebell Snatch Exercise

Start performing this move by placing the feet as wide as the hip and then holding the kettlebells with one hand as if you are about to swing it. Now start moving it between the legs to the back with a sharp exhalation. Then accelerate the kettlebell as fast as possible by snatching it with the same hand to the top position about your head. As you do this kettlebell snatch exercise, allow your momentum to carry the bell. You have to take breaths whenever required during the entire workout and then perform the same on the other hand.

3. Barbell Snatch Exercise

Perform this workout by first placing the barbell on the floor and having the feet as wide as your hips. Then gently grab the barbell with both hands such that you will be able to raise it above your head in proper form. Next, with good grip and perfect squat, bring the barbells overhead and gently lower them down to the ground. Finally, do the entire workout with proper inhalation and exhalation. A barbell snatch exercise is the most difficult amongst all the variations as the body has to support the whole weight of the barbell in both hands along with a squatting motion.

4. Hang Snatch Exercise

This snatch pull exercise is the best strength training workout to focus on all the muscle groups in the body. You can perform it in a standing posture with the feet as wide as the hips. First, carry a barbell and perform the snatch exercise by holding it in a hanging position. Now push the feet to the ground and simultaneously perform an explosive life with a shoulder shrug. Once the barbell reaches the overhead position, make sure to perform a full squat and then go back to the standing position of the hang snatch exercise. Then as you do this, lower the barbell and keep repeating the exercise as many times as you can.

Snatch Exercise Benefits

  • It increases one's resisting force and decreases the risk of back problems. Furthermore, the core stability improves drastically with regular practice.
  • It offers the best proprioception, which prevents injuries and aids with better brain functioning. This is because it increases the grey matter in the brain, which is related to attentiveness, memory power and learning ability.
  • The dumbbell snatch benefits the body by increasing power to move in multi directions despite the heavyweights when training correctly.
  • It has an increased capability to create explosive power with more coordination and reduce fatigue by providing more energy.
  • The snatch usually happens instantly with great speed. Therefore, it helps to increase the body's reflexes.
  • It helps with faster sprinting and jumping higher vertically as it benefits the agility and speed of the system tremendously.
  • The snatch exercise provides greater lat strength, better posture, mobility and flexibility.

You should also know its alternatives now as you have gained a good insight into the power snatch exercise. They are the dumbbell snatch, kettlebell swing and jump squat. When you are bored or perform the snatch exercise every day, try to perform any of these alternatives in your fitness routine. This will help to improve your overall performance and help the body benefit better with similar results to a snatch. So, here you go with the most challenging exercise and the techniques to ace it easily.

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December 31, 2021

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