A book of one's choice is a good friend indeed as a habit of reading never leaves us alone. Books are the primary means to gain knowledge, memory, and vocabulary. A book will change the whole level of thinking pattern and has many benefits like improving focus and concentration. It further allows a person to learn new things with all the great words that come from great minds.How to develop reading habits? Developing a reading habit is challenging with many daily chores, and routines and people complain, stating that they do not have sufficient time to read. However, reading is a good habit, and there are several tricks and tips to develop the habit of reading books discussed here. The best books to start reading habit should be a good genre which will soothe the mind and uplift it with its thoughts and teachings.

Steps To Be Followed To Inculcate Reading Habit

There are specific steps to be taken by an individual interested in developing the reading habit and skill over time, which are:

1. Make a List

Create a reading list of all the best books to start your reading habit. It should be such books that interest and fascinate you, and one can get the inspiration from the list of friends and family. It can be novels or even motivational books, or any other field of study that one prefers. One can also create this with many books that are available online. The books they review and brief descriptions of any book are widely found on the internet, which helps choose the right book for oneself.

2. Create a Goal

How to inculcate the habit of reading? To read more, an individual should self-motivate initially and then set a goal to read a specific number of pages every day. This will help the person to work on their plan. Nowadays, various tools and applications are within our hands to quickly achieve the reading goal.

3. Schedule the Time

Ensure that you read every day by setting a specific time for it amidst your busy day. The suitable times that will not interfere with other activities in a day are before going to bed, during lunch or the first thing in the morning.

4. Set a Perfect Space

How to develop a reading habit? One important thing that will help a person read more is finding a suitable and comfortable place to read. This place must necessarily be quiet that does not bring in any distraction. It can be anywhere like a sofa, park bench, library, comfortable chair and even one's bed.

5. Put away Distractions

Make it a point to drive out all the distractions that might interfere with the reading habit, like putting the smartphone on silent or turning off the television. This will make sure that the reading time is not interrupted with any disturbance.

6. Stay Active

Passive reading is not very worthy as it does not help a person imbibe the knowledge, and this type of reading suits novels. It is highly suggested that a person tries an active reading approach to start developing the habit. This includes highlight passages or sentences that seem exciting and valuable in thoughts or jotting down notes and comments on the book's margins. But if you are using an eBook or smartphone to read, you can easily use the inbuilt features to highlight and take note of various things. Doing this helps a person develop more interest in what they are doing rather than just reading it to pass the time.

7. Carry Them

The reading material must always be carried along wherever you go without finding the difficulty in carrying it. Whether it is in the form of a physical book or an eBook bringing it wherever you go will give you the freedom to read the book whenever you get a chance. This develops the reading habit, and most important of all, this will help a person take sufficient breaks in a day and find time to read instead of doing any other activity like spending time on social media.

8. Have a Journal

A reading journal is highly recommended to write down the inspired quotes or words. This will enhance your reading habit by recording all the thoughts that interest you and jotting them down in the journal. This will allow you to relate it to everyday life and highly benefit from it. All the things noted will also enable you to refresh your memory later with new ideas.

9. Quit when Required

If you do not feel like finishing a book, it is entirely okay to drop it and start reading a new one. This happens when the book becomes boring, or it is not what you imagined it to be, and hence it is best to start with a book with a smaller number of pages. This is the golden rule for people on books to start reading habits.

10. Replace Entertainment

The best method to develop a reading habit or read more is to replace all other forms of entertainment with reading. The other joys include watching movies or television, scrolling through social media, playing video games, or mindlessly surfing on the internet. All these activities do now bring in any values or knowledge and can be replaced without any hesitation.

11. Multiple Reading

Read various books simultaneously is one simple hack to prevent getting bored with a book. It will also change the reading pace as you switch from one book to another. And a choice of different genres of books will keep one going without dropping the idea of reading at any point in time.

12. Reading Partner

Getting a reading partner will help a person to stay motivated throughout the reading process. This will help the person to set reading goals and remain accountable for them. This friend can be anyone who shares the same likes and preferences. Discussing the topics and thoughts with the reading partner will encourage the person to finish reading it.Reading is a good habit that will take away all the miseries in life, make the mind think deeper, give more knowledge about the field, sharpen the skills, curb anxieties and help grow to the next level. Hence, a consistent reading pattern will make a person cross the horizon and transform into more vocabulary and knowledge.

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