What is a Bicycle Exercise?

A bicycle crunch exercise is riding a stationary bike that helps burn calories and strengthen the body muscles. This bicycle exercise for weight loss is an effective way to burn calories and lose weight faster. Unlike the treadmill and other equipment, this exercise doesn’t affect the joints and gives the body the best workout. A bicycle exercise can also be done without any equipment. It is one of the best indoor exercises to burn fat.

How Does it Help?

Doing bicycle exercise benefits us in many ways. First, it strengthens the body muscles while burning fat. The standing bicycle exercise is a great way to strengthen your heart and lungs. It also works in the ab muscles and gives you a great structure. All athletes do this exercise to warm up before performing on the ground.

When Can you do Bicycle Exercise?

Bicycle crunches can be done during any part of the day but are most effective when done on an empty stomach. A home bicycle for exercise can be considered if you are a beginner. Beginners can start doing about 10 cycles a day and slowly increase to 30 repetitions. Early mornings are the best time for exercise and help you stay energetic throughout the day. It is not advised to do the bicycle abs exercises soon after eating food or full stomach. This can collapse the digestion process of food and lead to complications.

What are the Major Benefits of doing Bicycle Exercise?

The most important benefit of doing the bicycle legs exercise is to develop a strong core in the body. A strong cite is essential to maintain a good posture, shape and strength in the body. One can easily go about their daily tasks without any tiredness or fatigue if they have a strong core. Sportspeople and athletes should definitely do bicycle crunches and other exercises for better stamina and energy levels. The action of raising your legs engages the transverse abdominis.

Unlike other muscles, the transverse abdominis is an ab muscle that is situated deep down and can be strengthened only by bicycle crunches. The ab bicycle exercise is excellent for activating the rectus abdominis, an upper abdominal muscle that needs toning. Apart from this, the static bicycle exercise activates the obliques and the side abdominal muscles. Doing various abs exercises and leg exercises helps the muscles strengthen and act in different ways.

How to do Bicycle Exercise?


  • Make use of the Gym Equipment

Gym equipment like stationary bicycles with heavily weighted flywheels helps you cycle in one place and reduce as much fat as possible. Whenever you hit the gym, choose a stationary bicycle that stands firm and gives you a good balance. Check the number of calories you can burn while doing the workout for about 20 minutes daily. Use a higher resistance level to exert more pressure on the task. Riding a stationary bicycle helps you get better with your lower body and legs. The calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes are put under pressure to gain strength and firmness. The pedal king action helps strengthen your calf muscles and does not hurt the knee.

  • Try Bicycle Crunches Abs Workout

Bicycle crunches are ab workouts that can lose belly fat and give shape to the body. Cycling is one of the best exercises to reduce belly girth. Try the abs bicycle crunches for better results in reducing the stubborn fat in the stomach. Usually, lower belly fat is hard to reduce and can be effectively done by cycling. In order to perform a bicycle crunch, lie on the floor or a yoga mat if you find the floor too hard. Ensure your back is flat and your spine straight. Keep your legs folded with knees facing the sky.

The next step is to place your arms behind your head with your elbow folded. Slowly lift your left leg and simultaneously bring your right shoulder towards the left leg. Before you complete this action, perform this on the opposite side and get it in the form of a cycle to do both actions non-stop. You will notice the twist in your torso while doing this exercise. The bicycle abs workout helps you squeeze your abs and reduce the hard belly fat. Start slow and steady and increase the number of cycle repetitions day after day. Your core is constantly stimulated as your feet and shoulders do not touch the ground.

  • Bicycle Crunches with Ankle Weights

Performing bicycle crunches with ankle weights is a method of pulling your lower body down and exerting more pressure on the abs muscles to pull it back upwards. The slower you perform this exercise, the more difficult it gets. Initially, if you're not able to get the hang of it, try lifting your legs higher. This will increase the workout intensity and stimulate the hips and obliques. The pedalling action strengthens the core and protects the spine. No equipment is necessary for the normal bicycle crunches. You can add a little weight to the ankle to make your legs heavier and pull them towards your abdomen.

  • Try Out Door Cycling

For those who do not like regular lifting sessions and awkward ab machines, try outdoor cycling. Cycling for about 5 to 10 km per day in the mornings to feel good and complete a good workout session. The cycling process works on your glutes, balance and shoulder muscles. In addition, it strengthens the calves and hamstrings. Be conscious about your breathing techniques. Take deeper breaths to feel energetic throughout the workout session.

Bicycle exercises are a great compound exercise that can be done as a home workout. You need minimal equipment and minimal space to do these exercises. The level of intensity should be increased day by day, and you will be able to develop a great posture very soon. So stay focused and push yourself harder every day so that you can get the best muscles.


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