Regular practicing of yoga brings a lot of benefits to the practitioner. It helps in synching mind, body, and soul and brings a perfect alignment between the physical and mental disciplines, achieving a peaceful body and mind. It enables the person to relax and manage stress and anxiety. It also improves body tone, muscle strength, and flexibility. Trikonasana, or the triangle pose, is one of the popular yogas asanas. It opens the shoulders and chest and strengthens the muscles in various parts of the body. Let us find out different aspects of this asana and how it can bring multiple benefits to us.

What is Trikonasana?

When we talk about yoga and its asanas, like a triangle pose, we come across certain stereotypes and mental images where we come up with jargons like balance, nidra, flow, opening up, etc. Instead of getting confused by these jargons, it is essential to focus on what your body needs. The triangle pose is one of the many asanas that a person can practice and enjoy multiple benefits in the form of physical and mental strength. Trikonasana is a stand-alone asana. Many people start their yoga session with this asana. When practicing triangle pose yoga, you need to remember that the pose should not be held for a long time if done at the beginning of the session. If planning to finish your exercise with this asana, you can keep it for a long time. Let us have a look at various yoga benefits that can be enjoyed with regular practice.

What Are the Benefits of Trikonasana Yoga?

There is no dearth of Trikonasana benefits. Here we bring you some for your reference.

1. Helps to Relieve Digestion Issues

One of the primary trikonasana benefits is that it helps in relieving various digestion related issues. It helps the user get rid of indigestion, gastritis, flatulence, and acidity. Practicing this pose regularly helps in refreshing and stimulating our digestive system. Stay active, energetic, and productive all day long with yoga. 

2. Increased Flexibility

When practicing trikonasana, the practitioner has to bend his body sideways. This simultaneous, sideways bending improves spine flexibility and alleviates the problem of persistent backache. People suffering from constant backache can find a lot of relief from this problem with regular practicing of the triangle pose yoga.

3. Perfect Alignment

Practicing this asana also helps correct the alignment of shoulders, ensuring its perfect shape. When the arms are lifted above, it stretches the muscles, toning them nicely. 

4. Whole Body Toning

The triangle pose also works on toning your whole body. If you are suffering from a neck sprain, this asana will help to alleviate the problem. Regular yoga-practicing will help relieve various pains and aches. 

5. Good Stretching

Another one of the several trikonasana benefits is that it provides good stretching to the body. Stretches and continuous movement gives strength to the palms and ankles, enhancing their strength and power. 

6. Menstrual Relief

The trikonasana yoga pose also brings a lot of relief from menstruation-related issues. Women suffering from menstrual cramps find a lot of relief in this condition when practicing trikonasana regularly. 

7. Stress Relief‚Äć

Continuous practicing of this yoga asana reduces stress and anxiety levels piling up on you. It releases happy hormones that bring peace and joy to your life.

8. Increased Blood Flow

The trikonasana pose also works by stimulating and transporting more blood through the veins, thus reducing the chances of stroke or a block.

What Are the Hatha Yoga Practice and Its Benefits?

Another yoga practice that has gained quite a lot of popularity is hatha yoga. It is a yoga practice that allows you to channelize your energies. It is a preparatory process where "ha" refers to the Sun and "ta" means moon. It gets the body ready for higher possibilities.

 Here are some of the amazing benefits of hatha yoga.

  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Builds core stability and strength
  • Builds mobility and flexibility
  • Helps in maintaining healthy joints
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Develops proprioception and balance
  • Helps develop self-control
  • Reduces inflammation

How to Do Utthita Trikonasana?

One of the trikonasana poses is Utthita Trikonasana. It is also known as the extended triangle pose. Here are the steps to perform Utthita Trikonasana.

  • Stand in Tadasana
  • Exhale and jump your feet 4 feet apart.
  • Raise your arms such that it is parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your palms down.
  • Turn your left foot slightly to the right and right foot, making a 90-degree angle.
  • Turn right thigh to the outer side.
  • Bend the hip joint.
  • Rest your right hand on the ankle.
  • Stretch your other arm upwards and stay in the position.
  • Gradually increase your hold for a longer duration and experience the stretch in various parts of your body.

This Utthita Trikonasana gives an excellent stretch to the whole body. Practicing Utthita Trikonasana regularly gives a lot of flexibility to the body.

Trikonasana Stretches

There are several trikonasana stretches and works on different muscle groups. Some of the forms are Utthita trikonasana, parivrtta trikonasana, baddha trikonasana, parivrtta baddha trikonasana Bikram's triangle. These yoga for beginners moves are perfect for holistic benefits. Even beginners can perform this pose perfectly and extend their body to get a good stretch. All these exercises must be learned under a trained yoga instructor to perform them correctly.

Yoga for Weight Loss

When looking for yoga for weight loss, you can perform trikonasana yoga to improve the digestive system resulting in weight loss. Regular practicing this asana also helps to reduce fat from the belly and waist area. It is important to perform these movements correctly and regularly to enjoy any benefit from yoga asanas or practices. The yoga practitioners can see a marked difference in their weight issues in a couple of months.

Surya Namaskar with Trikonasana

Surya Namaskar is a holistic exercise and leaves an impact on the whole body. When performing Surya namaskar steps, you can also include trikonasana yoga moves into it. After performing the first round of Surya Namaskar with 12 movements, include trikonasana in the second round. Surya Namaskar can also be done with various other variations. Trikonasana is just one of them.

How is Vinyasa Yoga different from Hatha Yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is also referred to as the seamless move of yoga movements from one to another. Breath is used when moving from one yoga move to another. Trikonasana is also seamlessly performed as vinyasa yoga. The postures are strung together to move from one movement to another. It helps build and maintain a healthy posture, high metabolism, and an active and energetic body. Perform these yoga moves and enjoy amazing triangle pose benefits. It is imperative to note that this extended triangle pose must not be performed by people who have sustained a back injury, have undergone an operation, or suffer from the problem of a disc bulge or slip disc. Performing this asana in this condition may further deteriorate the problem. When planning to start a regular yoga practice, it is imperative to perform asanas like the extended yoga pose under a trained and experienced yoga instructor. This way, you can learn the moves correctly and perform the right way to enjoy the trikonasana's optimal benefits. You can also watch videos where yoga instructors show how each yoga asana is performed. It also helps the learner to understand the movements correctly.

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