1. Lucknowi Chicken Biryani

The Lucknowi chicken biryani is one of the most popular biryani styles in north India. This mouth-watering recipe uses long-grain basmati rice cooked in chicken and mild aromatic spices. Although its aroma is sweet, its flavors are subtle with a hint of fire. It is prepared with the rice and meat cooked together and mixed with the gravy before one last round of dum pukht preparation.

  1. Pressure Cooker Chicken Biryani

When it comes to simple chicken biryani recipes for beginners, the pressure cooker chicken biryani rules. Fewer ingredients go into it compared to all other styles and the taste greatly depends on the type of biryani masala used. It takes no more than two hours of total prep time and it is served hot with a garnishing of brown onions and coriander.

  1. Chicken Donne Biryani

Donne biryani is an appetizing chicken biryani south indian recipe that is unique in both its preparation and serving style. Donne literally translates to disposable bowls made out of the areca nut palm leaves. The donne biryani is cooked more like the traditional pulao with the donne adding an extra flavor and a serving portion that leaves you wanting more.

As shown by these recipes, there is no hard and fast rule on how to prepare chicken biryani that tastes amazing every time. With a little bit of experience, all of these recipes can be reproduced precisely to match their reputation. Tweak the flavors and preparation styles and you are sure to have a different experience on every occasion


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