There is a famous saying about food - you are what you eat. Now, before you joke on how you can never become a pancake by eating pancakes, at least you can become healthy by eating healthy food. Or you can get ill by eating unhealthy food. Quite simple, isn't it? But all these sayings stay only in books and internet articles until you really implement them in real life. And one easy way to do that is by making actual diet plans that you can cook and eat on a regular basis. We have curated some of the healthiest diets out there, according to the three meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Before jumping to diet plans and healthy recipes, remember that you don't have to eat all of these dishes mentioned down in one day. Now, here's your list:

Healthy Recipes For a Day


There is no exaggeration in saying that a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Children in school and office goers tend to ignore breakfast because they are always running out of time. There are two mistakes in it. One  - you can't outrun time. No one has. Second - you must not miss breakfast. High protein breakfast is the best breakfast you can have in a day. Ideally, you should intake around 318 Calories in your breakfast. This is a standard value that can vary according to the health of a person. Also, this value can change if you are planning to reduce or increase your weight. A few options of healthy breakfast are classic boiled egg sandwich, chia seeds, oatmeal, protein shake, flax seeds, smoothies, etc. Unlike other meals of the day, breakfast can be anything from your favorite liquid juice, some semi-solid dish, or even something heavy like turkey sausage. An ideal breakfast should meet these three qualities:

  • Rich of Nutrients: This one is a no-brainer. If breakfast is the most important meal, it should also be rich in nutrients. The above-mentioned breakfast options are rich in nutrients. The Internet comes in handy here. You can get every recipe here, from quick guides to make sandwiches to healthy smoothie recipes, everything can be found out in minutes.
  • Low Glycemic Index: A glycemic index the effect made by food on your blood sugar levels. Food with a low glycemic index gets digested slowly; hence, the blood sugar level does not increase suddenly.
  • Non-greasy: Indians have a habit of eating greasy food like bhaturas. These types of food make a person very sluggish in the peak hours of the day. You should eat greasy occasionally only when you can have the luxury of sleeping any time in the day.


We have learned that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, lunch can also have the same importance if you are a person with a busy schedule. The working day of most people gets stretched than what they expect early in the day. In such a condition, lunch is what keeps your body fueling. Why just importance, lunch should also be taken to have a little time for yourself. Whether you are a homemaker or an office person, having a perfect lunch gives you a little time for yourself. Just to state a fact - the average time taken by a person to have lunch is 15 minutes. And 15 minutes are enough to give you a little break from your work. Now, let's have a look at what ideal lunch should look like. Standard lunch for a healthy adult should contain around 375 Calories. Again, like that of breakfast, the calorific value of your lunch can change according to your age, gender, health, and special needs. In case you are searching for some healthy recipes for your perfect lunch, you can go to Wellness Bytes that will teach you how to plan your meal. You will also get to know the relation between spices and immunity, and how you can lose weight with the help of fibers. A few healthy options for lunch can be broth-based soup, egg and avocado sandwiches, low-fat Dahi chicken, urlai roast, etc. You can also add healthy cookies in your lunchtime to add a little sweet flavor.


Now comes the most interesting meal - dinner. There are infinite options for a tasty dinner plus a dessert. An ideal dinner should contain at least 473 Calories for a healthy adult. The thing that should be noted about dinner is that it is should neither be too much and nor be less than satiating. Doctors say that having too much of dinner can interrupt your sleep cycle. On the other hand, if you dine that is less than satiating, then you will most likely need something to eat very close to bedtime. This again is not healthy for you and your sleep. Ideally, your dinner you should everything - vegetables, grains, fat (only healthy one), and proteins. Now, it is possible that you will not have all of these in your dinner. But, make sure that you change your dinner dishes in a way that all of these get included ample times in a week. In case your mouth has already started watering and you are planning to Google some healthy dinner recipes, we can suggest a few that will fit your taste. A few healthy dinner options are omelet curry, healthy pancakes, biryani (both veg and non-veg), tamarind rice, etc.


We have explained how breakfast is very important, how lunch should be equally valued, and the nitty-gritties of dinner. But do you know dessert is also not taken just for taste and it also has benefits? Of course, the taste is the biggest deal when it comes to dessert, but there are also surprising benefits of dessert. A few of them are:

  • Nutrient: If your earlier meals of the day get deficient in a certain nutrient, you can add it to your dessert.
  • Happiness: Healthy desserts make you happy. Not only because they taste so good but also because they are rich in carbohydrates that trigger your body to produce hormones that make you happy.
  • Appetite booster: When patients lose their appetite, they are often given tasty desserts in hospitals. Since desserts are always so tasty, they can become an easy way to incorporate nutrients into your diet.

Just like every machine gets weared-teared with time, so does our body. And just the way machines get working like a new when they oiled, so does our body when it is given healthy and tasty food. No matter how busy a person you are, or much work you have to do in a day, there is no reason that can be given to justify eating unhealthy food. Whenever you feel like eating something that is not healthy, just remember - you are what you eat. We at Cult.Fit totally reckon this fact and that's why let you learn how to make tasty and healthy dishes. Want to read more, check our website now!

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January 11, 2022
Healthy Eating

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