Over the years, more and more people have started concentrating on their bodies to keep them fit and healthy. In the recent past, the awareness of facial exercises or jawline exercises has also risen among people. Education in fitness has advanced to a great level, and jawline exercises are starting to become popular among fitness enthusiasts. When it comes to exercising, concentrating on the body alone is not enough. One should be able to keep their face without any wrinkles and have a well-defined look. Do jawline exercises work? Experts say jawline exercises brighten up the face and remove unnecessary fat.
There are many exercises for jawline that help you look a certain way where you will not have any flabbiness or weight on the face. So while you workout at home or follow any weight loss exercise regime, ensure you do a few exercises to get a jawline that hides the wrinkles and makes you look young. Here are 5 jawline exercises for women and men to stay intact and maintain the beauty of their faces.

The Jaw Bone Restorer

The jaw bone restorer is an exercise that increases the strength of the jawline and gives it a more defined look. From the name itself, it is understood that the jaw bone is restored to give a better chin to the individual. These jawline exercises are very simple and can be done as a part of your workout at home itself. It could be done either before your exercises or after them. But ensure you fit them into your exercise schedule every day. To start with, sit or stand in a comfortable position and put your thumbs side by side below your chin. Now start pushing your chin down towards your neck while you press your thumb against the chin and move it upwards towards your ears. This gives a good shape to the jawline and tones the muscles in that area. Repeat the same about 10 times a day to get a good jawline.

Sagging Chin Jawline Exercise

A sagging chin is found common in many people nowadays. It is because they are not aware of the face exercises they should do to get rid of them. The sagging chin female jawline exercises can be done at the comfort of your very own home without any guidance. All you have to do is just sit at a table and put your fists under your chin. Rest your elbows on the table with your chin resting over your fists. Slowly try opening your mouth. Push your fists towards your jaws at the same time, creating resistance. Stay in the same position for a little while and then release. Start off with about 10 repetitions a day, and once you're comfortable, you can go up to 30 repetitions the same day.
This exercise works on the chin to get rid of the double chin and makes you look thin. This is mainly for those who easily put on weight on the face. However, it can be practised by all.

Chin up Exercise

This is another jawline exercise that works on the chin. Doing this exercise daily helps the chin muscles stretch out easily. It is especially for those who feel a sagging effect on the lower part of their face. The chin-up exercise ensures uplifting of the facial muscles and strengthening them so that they don’t sag down.
To do this jaw exercise, you have to close your mouth and push your jaw forward. While doing this, your lower lip will automatically come out. Lift your lower lip upwards as much as possible at the same time. You should be able to feel the stretch in the muscles. Stay in the same position for about 10 to 15 seconds and do it again. Try doing this exercise for about 3 sets with 15 repetitions on each set to get a great jawline. The chin up exercise can be done at any time of the day, and there are no restrictions like doing it before food or after food.

Pronouncing Vowel Sounds Exercise

Vowels are not just alphabets. They are expressions that will help your face get into proper shape. It is one of the most popular female jawline exercises that have been practised in the past. Pronouncing the vowel sounds is just not learning the language but an exercise for face jawline. All you have to do is open your mouth wide as much as possible and say the O and E sounds. The O sound opens the mouth upwards, and the E sound opens the mouth sideways. Then, engage your facial muscles and jawline while you articulate the sounds. Do this at least 15 times a day and keep increasing the number of repetitions each day. This exercise helps in toning the muscles around the lips and mouth.

Collar Bone Back Up Exercise

The collar bone jawline exercise is quite easy, and it engages the muscles under the chin. Keep your head straight and parallel to the floor. Gently move your neck back and forth for the muscles to stretch and contract and then return to the initial position. You should be able to feel the muscle movement while doing this exercise. This sharpens the neck and collar bone. Start doing 10 repetitions a day in the beginning, and you can go up to 30 repetitions a day. Do it with a small break in between. It is the best way to train your facial muscles.
Jawline exercises help strengthen the facial muscles. The study says that facial exercises and facial yoga hide ageing in the face to a certain level. So try and do these jawline exercises every day without fail. Consider it a part of your daily workout so that you will not miss out on them. 
Make sure to maintain proper position and posture while performing these exercises.

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