Doing an exercise to reduce inner thigh fat is one of the foremost things that crosses one’s mind when it is about getting toned legs. Along with that, these exercises also boost the strength and stability of the muscles of your inner thigh.

While inner thigh exercises are meant for both men and women, there are some specific exercises for each gender. Choosing an exercise to reduce inner thigh fat based on your gender will help you to get effective results. In this article, you will get to know about effective inner thigh workout for women and men separately. In addition, you will also learn about an inner thigh workout for beginners.

Here are some of the best exercises for inner thigh fat reduction, strong inner thigh muscles, and toned legs. Read and pick your best exercise for inner thighs.

Best Inner Thigh Exercises With Proven Benefits

By doing inner thigh exercises regularly, you can make the muscles of the inner thigh strong and flexible. Besides, an inner leg workout also helps in losing thigh fat and getting toned legs.

If you have been looking for the right workout for inner thighs fat, look no further. The exercises to lose inner thigh fat below will give you desired results.

Inner Thigh Workout For Women

If you are a beginner, you would want to perform an inner thigh workout that isn’t too stressful. Most women also prefer the same while looking for an effective inner thigh workout for women. Generally, women prefer simple exercises for inner thigh fat to prevent the possibility of an injury.

Goblet squats and band-side leg raises are the two prominent exercises for inner thigh fat women can do. These exercises to lose inner thigh fat will tone your legs with minimum chances of injury if you are a beginner.

A. Goblet Squats

Most squats provide an intense upper thigh fat workout as they involve a wide range of muscles. Goblet squats are useful in terms of both lower and upper inner thigh workouts. Simple and effective, they make for the best exercise for inner thighs if you aren’t used to doing high-intensity workouts for strengthening inner thigh muscles. Being one of the best inner thigh exercises at home, it also boosts your body posture and burns thigh fat

How to do it?

● If you want to try intense exercises to burn inner thigh fat, you will also need equipment for this workout. Hold a dumbbell in a vertical position close to your chest by placing both hands on its cup.

● Push your hips back and bend your knees to lower your body as much as you can.

● Hold and return to the initial position.

● Repeat for least 15-20 times.

B. Band Side-lying Leg Raise

Though this inner leg workout looks simple on the surface, it is highly effective. If going to a gym is difficult for you for some reason, you can also perform this inner thigh workout at home.

How to do it?

● Loop a band, preferably a mini band, around your ankles and put your body in a lying position on the floor.

● Use your left arm as a pillow and rest your head on it. Place your right hand on the ground in front of your chest.

● Keep your body still and move your right leg upwards as high as possible. For the sake of convenience, stretch it up to a height with which you are comfortable.

● Next, pause and get back to the position in which you were in the beginning.

● For best results from this inner thigh workout at home, do 4 sets of 5 reps.

Inner Thigh Workout For Men

Most men dream of a muscular physique. To achieve it, they need to focus on the hamstring and other muscles in the lower body. By sweating it out on the right inner thigh fat workout, you can achieve this objective.

Here are the two most effective inner thigh exercises for men that effectively shape up their poster and appearance.

A. Step Ups

In general, step-ups are one of the best inner thigh exercises for men which boost body resistance. Apart from providing a good workout to hamstrings and quadriceps, it also stands out as one of the top exercises to burn inner thigh fat. Performing a few simple steps will enable you to reap the benefits of this effective exercise to reduce inner thighs.

How to do it?

● First, you need to take the right position to perform this inner thigh workout. Stand in front of a knee-high workout bench, chair or table.

● Put your right foot on the bench, making a 45-degree angle without curving your back.

● Put the body weight on the right foot and climb on the bench by placing your left foot on it. Maintain an optimum width between your feet and shoulder. Try stretching the legs as much as you can.

● Place your right foot on the ground. Put your body weight on it to return to the initial position.

● Keep switching legs after each set featuring six steps. Do four reps to get desired results from this exercise to reduce inner thighs.

B. Narrow Legged Leg Press

Most men who prefer workout for inner thighs fat choose narrow-legged leg press over other options. They do it because such inner thigh workout for men not only targets the outer thigh muscles but also serves as an effective upper inner thigh workout. Due to its effectiveness in engaging both the upper and lower muscles of the body, men perceive it as the best inner thigh workout.

How to do it?

● You will need to perform this upper thigh fat workout with the help of a leg press machine. Sit on its seat, placing your legs on its stand. Keep the legs close to one another and shift the intensity of the workout to the outer legs.

● Lower the safety bar and hold the weight platform. 

● Inhale while the platform weight descends. 

● Let the platform rise to a higher level by returning the weights. Next, push the platform back to its initial position.

● Being one of the intense inner thigh exercises, this workout will give you desired results if you do 2 sets of 6-8 reps. 


Whether you do these inner thigh exercises at home or the gym, taking precautions is a must. The most crucial factor you need to bear in mind is to choose the best inner thigh workout based on the type of body you have. The body of each individual differs from others. So, inner thigh exercises that work on others may not be as effective on you.

Plus, you also need to follow the recommended method to get the most out of each workout for inner thighs fat. You can also consult an expert for performing an inner thigh fat workout.


The above thigh exercises will help you get strong and toned legs. For desired results, you need to do these leg exercises regularly. You can also perform any of the best exercise to reduce inner thigh fat as a part of a home workout if you have all the necessary equipment at home. If you are not sure how to go about doing inner thigh workout for beginners, you can take online fitness classes from experts for assistance.

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