A landmine press is a type of exercise that is included in weight training for building strength and increasing muscle mass. Along with that, this exercise also corrects body misalignments, improves balance and stability. 
The word landmine here means a barbell attached to the ground with its weight on one end. When you do landmine press with this angled barbell, you prepare your body for other intensive exercises. Since you need less effort in picking the barbell, this exercise falls somewhere between unweighted exercises (like squats) and full-weight exercises (like a barbell squat). 

How To Do Barbell Landmine Press

Now comes the practical part where you are going to learn how to landmine shoulder press (also called T bar shoulder press). Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you learn each step with ease:

  • Stand straight facing the weights with your feet at a shoulder-wide distance to each other.¬†
  • Lean forward your body and hold the end of the bar. Your grip should be neutral at this point.¬†
  • Bend your elbow and hold the bar at your shoulder height.¬†
  • Now, extend your elbows gradually and the bar will be pushed up and forward.¬†
  • While doing this movement, keep the bar in line with your shoulder.¬†
  • Do not lock out your elbows when the bar reaches its maximum height.¬†
  • As soon as the bar reaches the top, start moving it down under control.

Landmine Press Exercise Variations/Alternatives

If you are doing landmine press at home, practising the same exercise can be a little monotonous. But, thankfully, you can replace the exercise with a landmine press alternative or variations since they offer almost the same health benefits. Here are the step-by-step guides on how to do landmine press alternative exercises:

1. Single Arm Landmine Press 

  • Stand in front of the bar in a split stance. Your right leg should be placed forward.¬†
  • Press your body weight onto your right leg and hold the bar with your right hand.¬†
  • Press up and shift your body weight onto your left foot simultaneously.¬†
  • Hold this pose for 1-2 seconds.¬†
  • Shift your weight again onto your right leg and get back to the position where you started.¬†
  • Rotate your torso to the right and repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

2 . Kneeling Landmine Press

  • Kneel on a mat with your knees attached together.¬†
  • Grab the barbell with both hands in front of your chest.¬†
  • Lean forward a bit and tighten your core muscles.¬†
  • Now, start straightening your elbows and push the barbell up.¬†
  • Stop right before your elbow gets completely straight.¬†
  • Pause at the top, contract chest muscles, and lower down the bell gradually.¬†

3. Landmine Overhead Press

  • Set up the bar so that it gets racked up at an appropriate height.¬†
  • Hold the bar with a neutral grip.¬†
  • Ideally, your arms should be straight while holding the bar.¬†
  • Now, unrack the bar gradually and start the exercise in the rack position.¬†
  • Lift your arms and deltoids until the bar is directly over your head.¬†
  • This is the landmine overhead press position.¬†
  • Now, gradually return to the position where you started the exercise.¬†
  • Keep your butt tight and engage your muscles while doing the exercises so that your body stays as straight as possible.¬†

4. Landmine Bench Press

  • Set up the equipment including the bench and bar.¬†
  • Lay down on the bench with your back toward the bench.¬†
  • Your feet should be touching the floor and your upper back and butt should be placed on the pad.¬†
  • Unrack the bar, bring it closer until it comes directly over your chest.¬†
  • This is the pose landmine bench press pose. Now, let the bar come down gradually, engage your muscles and drive the bar up until it reaches the maximum height.¬†

Benefits of Landmine Press Exercise

A landmine press can make a full-weight exercise more accessible for beginners. It can also reduce the risk of injury by offering you more control over your body movements. Here is a list of some other benefits of a landmine shoulder press:

  • A landmine chest press exercise can help people do exercises easily who have limited mobility due to injuries or strain on muscles.¬†
  • Landmine exercise can also correct any type of misalignment in the body.¬†
  • You can easily add this exercise to your workout at home as it does not require extra space.¬†
  • Workout landmine can help you do the same exercises that you otherwise could not do with dumbbells or barbells.¬†

How To Practice Landmine Press Exercise Safely And Avoid Injury

Exercises like single arm landmine press or kneeling landmine press can put a strain on a single group of muscles if you do not practice them with the right technique. To ensure your safety while practising landmine press exercises, keep the following precautions and safety points in mind:

  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition that is affecting either your heart or muscles and joints that get engaged while doing landmine press exercises, you should consult your physician before you start practising landmine press at home.¬†
  • You can modify the landmine workout according to your need but always consult your gym trainer before you start with a new form like the T bar shoulder press or dumbbell landmine press.
  • Pay close attention to how your body is reacting to each movement in landmine chest press exercises. If you feel intense pain while doing any exercise, you should stop immediately and consult your gym trainer about the same.¬†
  • Start with a warm-up and complement the exercises with a healthy diet to get the maximum results from landmine press exercises.¬†
  • Taking enough rest is essential after a landmine workout so that your muscles can heal from the wear and tear caused by the exercises.¬†


A single landmine exercise like dumbbell landmine press or barbell landmine press can act as a strength exercise, weight loss exercise, cardio exercise, and whatnot. There are a number of variations in workout landmine that target different sets of muscles. Choose the variation according to your need, incorporate it into your workout routine, and you will soon experience the results of landmine press exercises. 

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