Everyone longs for a fit and well-shaped body. But a muscular body with perfect abs doesn’t come by luck but by hard work. It takes hours of ab workouts at the gym and intense sweating to achieve a muscular build.

If you are a beginner, things may look difficult to you at the beginning, but getting used to ab workouts at the gym will not take much time. Based on your gender, you can choose ab workouts for men at gym or some women-specific workouts.

To give help you get six pack abs and a strong core, here are some effective ab workouts. Read and try: 

1. Pull-Up Bar Workout: Hanging Leg Circles and Side-To-Side Knees

These exercises are done on a pull-up bar. Hanging leg raises improves mobility, core strength, and the health of the spine. You can consider it to be one of the best ab workouts at the gym with several benefits. These benefits relate to boosting functional strength, flexibility, and flexor strength of the upper body.

This is primarily one of the ab workouts for men at gym. But there is no hard-and-fast rule for this workout. Some people even consider it as one of the best ab workouts at gym for woman. 

This form of workout primarily targets the hip flexors and the abdominals. Here’s how to do each of these ab exercises in gym.

How to do hanging leg circles

‚óŹ Hold a pull-up bar and position the body in a way that you extend the arms. Keep the palms parallel to each other. Make sure your feet do not touch the ground.

‚óŹ Put the whole bodyweight on the core and move your feet in a circle. Keep the legs straight while doing it.

‚óŹ To prevent the back and forth movement of the body in the course of this workout, keep your abs tight. Make one circle in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to complete a rep. Do at least 8-10 reps for the best results.

How to do hanging side-to-side knees

‚óŹ To do this workout for abs in gym, hold a pull-up bar tight and bring the knees upward toward the torso on the left as well as the right side.

‚óŹ Bend naturally and try to bring the knees close to the chest as much as you can.

‚óŹ Drop your feet gently without touching the ground to get back to the initial position.

‚óŹ Repeat it for 8-10 reps by bringing your feet close to the torso on both sides for each rep.

2. Planks and Crunches

Planks are a popular abs workout at home. For that matter, you can also consider crunches and twists. Planks and crunches are perhaps also the two best ab workouts at the gym.

These also work the best as ab workouts at gym for beginners. Depending on your convenience, you can either perform these ab exercises at gym or at home.

How to do planks

‚óŹ Take a push-up position. Shifting the whole weight of the body on the forearms, bend both your elbows and arms.

‚óŹ Clench your glutes and tighten the abs without curving the body. It should remain straight.

‚óŹ Try holding this position as long as you can.

How to do crunches

‚óŹ Lie on your back, placing your feet on the floor. Maintain the right width between hips.

‚óŹ Now, bend your knees and position your arms on the head to hold it after slightly raising the head. Relax both the neck and the head.

‚óŹ Now, exhale and try lifting the upper part of the body. Thereafter inhale and get back to the initial position.

3. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers constitute one of the few ab workouts at the gym that targets many joints and muscle groups. If you wish to try out one of the ab exercises at gym that engages the whole body, you would hardly find a better ab workout in gym than this one.

Here’s how you can do these ab workouts for men at gym.

How to do mountain climbers

‚óŹ To do this ab workout in gym, hold a half-cut exercise ball (Bosu ball) and place it on the ground in a way that the bubble side remains on the ground.

‚óŹ Hold the sides of the Bosu ball firmly and position the body in the same way as you do while doing a Planck.

‚óŹ Now, bring the left knee inwards towards the right elbow and the right knee towards the left elbow. It resembles mountain climbers.

‚óŹ Repeat the inward movement of the knees towards the opposite elbow as quickly as you can. Do it for 30 seconds.

4. Bird Dog

Finally, one of the best ab workouts at gym for beginners and experts too. No matter whether you are ‚Äď at the initial stage of your ab-building program or in the middle of it ‚Äď you can try this workout without any hesitation.¬†

This is an effective ab exercise in gym you can do without lifting weight or a dumbbell. As much as it is for a man, it is also one of the leading ab workouts at gym for woman. 

How to do the bird dog workout

‚óŹ Kneel on your knees and put both wrists on the ground.

‚óŹ Stretch your right arm forward and left leg backwards. Make certain that the arm and the leg are at the same height as your torso.

‚óŹ Bring the right elbow back and left knee forward underneath the body so that both of them touch each other.

‚óŹ Again, push the right arm forward and the left leg backwards. Repeat the previous step and follow the cycle. Do at least five reps per set of this workout for abs in gym.¬†

Final Thoughts

To sum up, whether you are a beginner or not, these are some ab workouts at gym that you can do to achieve a muscular body over time. You can also join an online workout class to get some guidance from an expert or hire a physical trainer to make the best of your workout. 

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