How To Do Tricep Dips: Variations, Benefits & More

Health and fitness are the two primary keys to a holistic way of living a happy and long life. However, you will aim to build body mass with an intense upper body workout most of the time. Do you want a splitting upper arm? Dips are an excellent compound bodyweight exercise to develop a real mass to the triceps. Tricep dips on the floor or a bench or parallel bar are the various types. Most of the time, people focus intensely on the biceps. They tend to forget that triceps are a bigger muscle group and equally important and can add more glamour to your arms.

As its name suggests, the triceps have three muscles, and to increase size and strength, you will have to work all three of them. One solution or a single exercise to make this happen is the tricep dips exercise. Read on to know more about the benefits, variations, and how to master the move.

How To Do A Tricep Dip?

The key to performing a tricep dips workout ideally is to position the arms in the proper posture. The hands should be wide apart as your shoulders on the surface you intend to perform the dip. Have the arms straight and squeeze your core and glutes. Raise the chin and chest and have your body firm. Start the workout by bending the elbows and dripping down your arm till it makes a 90-degree angle. Count and pause for two seconds and then press back. Ensure that you keep your glutes and core tight and prevent the legs from swinging. Then lock your arms at the top positions having a slight bend in the elbows.

Make sure to expose your triceps to a higher tension which is the simple secret to adding new muscle tissue. Lower the body and target to hold for two seconds in the beginning and then go up to four seconds. Do not stress your shoulders and go as low as you can. You should perform 3 sets of tricep dips exercise with 8 to 10 dips.

Benefits Of Tricep Dips

Tricep dips benefit the body through an effective activation of the back muscles of the upper arm called triceps brachii. Triceps are used for extending the elbows, pushing, and other daily activities. For all the push and pull, you need a good body balance. A strong tricep will prevent any injury or muscle imbalance. Furthermore, the tricep dips benefits are numerous- as it strengthens every part of the body. 

Tricep Dips Variations

The simple technique to perform dip variations for triceps in a perfect form is by leaning forward to increase the pecs involvement and holding the torso upright throughout the move. Tricep dips can be performed from beginner to expert with a mix and match of any variation each day to benefit better.

‚ÄćTricep Dips For Beginners

In this variation, you will have to place your hands on a bench behind you. Have your feet together and stay flat on the floor. The knees have to be bent, and slowly lower yourself as far as you can. Press back forcefully, and this is the best tricep dips for beginners as the body weight will be supported with the leg position. This is the best workout at home option as it involves no special equipment. This can be performed with a chair at home and therefore popularly referred to as tricep dips on the chair.

Seated Tricep Dips

Start performing these tricep dips at home by placing your hands on a bench or chair behind you. Then with the feet together and legs straight, have the heels on the ground. Slowly lower the body as far as you and then make a forceful push back upwards. The seated tricep dips is yet another beginner-friendly move but comparatively more challenging than the beginner's tricep dips. This is because you will have to lift a heavier bodyweight because of the stretched-out leg position. This is yet another tricep dips on chair workout which can be performed at home effectively.

Raised Leg Tricep Dips

Start performing these dip variations for the triceps by placing the hands behind you on the bench. Have the feet on another bench that is lower in height than the one behind you. Bend your knees and slowly lower the body as close as possible to the floor. Bounce back upwards forcefully and powerfully. Having the feet in an elevated position will increase the body weight on the arms. This tricep dips at home workout will make the variation challenging while lowering and lifting.

Parallel Bars Dip

Grasp a parallel bar while performing this tricep dips workout and raise the body until the arms become straight. Have the chest up and the core engaged. Lower slowly to the ground as far as possible for you and then press back upwards with power. This is also called the classic triceps dip, and the difficulty level is high. Warm-up and then start this workout to perform it better. You can add size and strength to the back of your upper arm effectively by completing it in a good number.

Weighted Tricep Dips

Attach weights to the belt and then grasp the parallel bar. Use an overhand grip here and raise the body until the arms are extended straight. Have the core engaged and chest up. Then slowly lower the body closer to the floor and move upwards with full force. If you are not new to the move, you can efficiently perform three sets of ten dips here in a controlled pattern. If you want to add extra resistance to the weighted tricep dips, then use a weight plate that will further challenge your arm muscles. Start with a small weight of 2.5 kgs and then advance to 5 kgs as you build the muscles.


Besides the types mentioned above with variations, you can make the workout more exciting and challenging with resistance bands. These tricep dips on the floor are done without a bench or chair on a yoga mat. Try them at home, and you will know why we emphasize you on developing those sexy upper arms.

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December 30, 2021

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