Kebabs are popular all over the world and originate from the Middle East. It is popular in Iraq, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, and other Middle East countries. Due to the influence of the Mughals in India, this has slowly become a popular dish in India too. Earlier, a kabab meant the filling was made of meat. However, it can be made with vegetables or meat. One of the popular veg versions of this Kabab is the Hara Bhara kabab.

What is Hara Bhara Kabab?

Kabab means grilled meat in Turkish and the most popular is the Shish Kabab. Kebabs are usually in long strips and formed around a skewer and slow roasted. The Hara Bhara Kabab is round and can be cooked in many ways. The name Hara Bhara Kabab comes from the Hindi word Hara meaning green, Bhara meaning full. It is called Hara Bhara Kabab as it is full of greens and is sometimes referred to as Hara kabab. It is a healthy snack or a starter that is usually a part of most weddings or party menus. It is just like a vegetable cutlet or patty and is prepared using green peas and spinach as the main stuffing ingredient. The Hara Bhara Kabab can be cooked in a variety of ways and adds a lot of nutrition to the diet. Apart from being nutritious, it is also very yummy to taste!

Why is Hara Bhara Kabab a Healthy Snack?

The veg Hara Bhara kabab recipe is made from 3 main ingredients: spinach, peas, and potatoes. These are highly nutritious and contain: Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that contains proteins, carbs, water, and fiber and is low in fat. The green that is seen in the Hara Bhara Kabab is due to it. The carbs in Spinach are healthy as it contains fiber and has small amounts of sugar. It is rich in insoluble fiber and aids the digestive system. It is a great source of Vitamins A, C, K1, B6, B9, and E along with folic acid. It is also rich in minerals like calcium and iron. It has many compounds that help in improving health. 

Health Benefits of Hara Bhara Kabab

  1. Spinach used in the Hara Bhara kabab recipe helps reduce this oxidative stress which is the leading cause of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues, and also accelerates aging.
  2. Consuming Improves eye health due to the presence of carotenoids.
  3. Reduces blood pressure
  4. Boosts the overall health

Different Ingredients of Hara Bhara Kabab

1. Peas

Peas are a popular and versatile vegetable that is nutritious and contains a good amount of antioxidants and fiber. It is a starchy vegetable that is high in protein and fiber and low in calories. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in iron, phosphorus, B Vitamins, and phytonutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. It also has a natural sweetness that is seen in the Hara Bhara Kabab.

Health Benefits of peas
  1. Stabilizes the blood sugar
  2. Prevents high blood pressure
  3. Aids digestion
  4. Prevents chronic diseases like heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes

2. Potato

Potato is considered a comfort food but is rarely associated with a healthy vegetable. That is because of the way it is cooked. In the Hara Bhara Kabab, it is steamed and hence it is nutritious. Potato is a vegetable that is rich in fiber and carbs. It also contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, manganese, and potassium in a good amount. The potatoes are also a great source of antioxidants and hence beneficial to health. 

Health Benefits of Potato
  1. Reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes
  2. Improves blood sugar control
  3. Aids the digestive system
  4. Is gluten-free and is good for people with celiac disease.
  5. This Hara Bhara kabab recipe aids weight loss as it is filling

The various spices added to the Hara Bhara Kabab make it a healthy snack

How to make Hara Bhara Kabab?

This Veg Hara Bhara Kabab recipe is simple and easy to make. The below ingredients are needed to make Hara kabab:

  1. Spinach
  2. Potatoes
  3. Green peas
  4. Giber
  5. Garlic
  6. Green chilies
  7. Coriander leaves
  8. Cumin powder
  9. Cornstarch
  10. Bread crumbs
  11. Chaat masala
  12. Amchur powder
  13. Salt to taste
  14. Oil for frying

Step by step instructions of green kabab recipe

1. Cook potatoes and peas

 For this veg Hara Bhara kabab recipe, 2 medium to large potatoes are needed, rinse well and throw them in a pressure cooker. Add water to it and pressure cook it until it is soft and mushy. The green peas can be cooked in the same cooker along with potatoes without adding water or if it is frozen it can be steamed separately. Best to cook both together to save time. Once the pressure releases, strain the water from the peas and peel the skin of the potato and keep it aside.

2. Blanching the spinach

Remove the spinach leaves from the stems and rinse them well with water so that all the dirt is removed. Drain the excess water by placing them in a colander. The stems can also be added if you prefer but only use the tender ones. In this veg Hara Bhara kabab recipe, the stems are retained to add a crunch. Boil water in a large pan, when it comes to a rolling boil switch off the flame. Immerse the spinach leaves into this water and leave it for a few minutes. When the color of the spinach turns dark green remove the leaves using tongs. Wash them with cold water so that it remains green. Squeeze extra water from the leaves and keep them aside.

3. Preparing the stuffing

In a pan add some oil when it becomes hot add ginger, garlic, and green chilies. To this add the blanched spinach and peas and cook until there is no moisture. Let it cool and transfer this to a blender and make a puree. In a bowl mash the potatoes, add the puree, salt, spices, cornstarch, and breadcrumbs to make a stiff dough.

4. Frying the kebabs

Take lemon-sized portions of the veg Hara Bhara kabab and make round balls out of it. Flatten it so that it becomes like a patty. Heat oil in a pan and allow it to become hot. Once hot, shallow fry the kebabs on both sides to a golden brown. Serve the Hara Bhara kebabs coriander chutney or tomato sauce. It also can be a great starter for a dish like Pumpkin Risotto to make a complete meal.

Other variations of the green kabab recipe

  1. Moong dal vada
  2. Dahi Ke kebab
  3. Dal Ke kebab

Additional Tips to making Veg Hara Bhara Kebab

  1. To make the Hara Bhara kabab recipe spicier adjust the ratio of green chiles and the other spice powder.
  2. To make veg Hara Bhara kabab crispier, deep fry it or add more breadcrumbs.
  3. It can also be baked, air-fried, or cooked in a tandoor.
  4. Garam masala can also be added instead of chaat masala.
  5. Add besan flour instead of cornstarch. But roast it before adding it to the mixture.
  6. If the Hara Bhara kebabs are breaking when fried, it can be because of more moisture or less binding. Adjust it by adding cornstarch or besan to the mixture.

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